Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st April 2021 Episode starts with everyone coming to Goa. Vanlata and Gunjan talk about stopping Nandini’s marriage. Vanlata says you will be ruling here. Rajvi welcomes them. Shobit asks did you get trouble in finding the resort. Gunjan says no. Rajvi says I told you not to see the girl before marriage. Shobit says sorry, I will take the bags. Rajvi says I got something for you. Gunjan asks what’s the need to get more jewellery, you gave a lot. Rajvi says its sindoor. Gunjan says I had prayed that my Saas loves me like mum, because I don’t have a mum. Rajvi says don’t say this, Rukmani sindoor has strength, your relation will be unbreakable. She gets sindoor boxes. One box falls down. Rajvi says I took this sindoor for Nandini, how did this fall down, its a big abshagun. She goes. Nandini says its a good place.

Gunjan says yes, she just had to get sindoor, why is she taking time. Rajvi comes and gives them sindoor. She says our identity is from our culture, I never forgot this, you also don’t forget this, go and get ready now. Rajvi says I know you want to meet Darsh, don’t meet him till marriage. She thinks I had divided the sindoor from the same box, I hope there is no problem in Darsh and Nandini’s lives. Nandini says I m scared to call Darsh. She gets his call. She chants mantras to relieve his anger. He asks are you alright. She says I was saying this mantra to relieve your anger. He says I m sorry, I wanted to say sorry personally, but Parul said we can’t meet, my mood is better now. She says don’t say sorry, it was Gunjan’s mistake. He says you are an unromantic girl. She says I m very romantic. He asks can you give me kisses on call. She says I can really… He asks what. Parul comes to call him for haldi.

Nandini says if you shout on me like yesterday, then I will cry, I m not daring, I m a coward, I don’t want scary movies, you scold me in low tone. He says I trust you a lot, we will be a boring couple, we will have no problems. She says don’t say that, it will make our relation catch bad sight. He says I will wait for what you said just now. She smiles. Aapki nazron…plays…

Darsh and Shobit sit for haldi. Rajvi and Namrata argue. Parul asks Rajvi to forget everything, they will go and apply haldi to the girls. Rajvi says I can’t apply haldi to the brides. Parul says Nirali and I will go. Namrata applies haldi to her brothers. Darsh asks Shobit why is he so silent. He says our lives will be beautiful after marriage, did you feel bad of my angry reaction, sorry, I trust your choice, Gunjan would be good. Shobit gets a call. The man says I went to your home to deliver the ring, so I delivered it at your fiancee’s house.

Shobit thinks where did he deliver the ring. Charmy gets the diamond ring. She says he is behaving weird, he sent diamond ring and didn’t tell me about Darsh’s wedding in Goa, now I have come to Goa, I will see where he goes, he is hiding things as if its his own marriage. Bansuri and Vanlata welcome Parul. Vanlata says I have made plan to disappear Nandini. Gunjan smiles. Nandini talks to Parul. Rakla comes wearing a salwar suit. He applies haldi to Nandini. He says you can apply haldi, your marriage won’t happen. Nandini gets shocked. Parul asks what happened. Nandini says nothing. Rakla goes. Nandini thinks who can it be, it was a man’s voice.

Rakla goes away and removes the dupatta. He says I will stop your marriage, then Gunjan’s marriage will also break. Nandini worries. Bansuri hugs her. Nandini says now I have to cry with you. She cheers up Bansuri. They get emotional. Bansuri hugs her. They cry. Nandini says I m not going so far. Vanlata calls Bansuri. Bansuri goes.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan asks are you Shobit’s ex girlfriend. Charmy says we didn’t have any breakup, I won’t let this marriage happen. Nandini looks on. Vanlata says I will handle Charmy.


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