Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 29th May 2021Written Episode Update


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 29th May 2021Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 29th May 2021 Episode starts with Nandini caring for Darsh. They have a moment. Shobit comes and gets Dr. Ritesh along. Ritesh checks Darsh’s injuries. He says you got much hurt, thank God you got saved. He checks Darsh’s eyes. He says its all normal. Darsh says I didn’t understand technical things. Ritesh says everything is normal. Darsh says Nandini will call you for free consultation always. Ritesh says yes, she doesn’t take medicines herself, she takes others’ to doctor. Darsh says I didn’t know that. Ritesh says don’t know what phobia she has with swallowing pills. Shobit says Ritesh knows more about her, Darsh doesn’t know it.

Ritesh says yes, I will tell you her old secrets whenever we meet. Darsh thinks I have to know a lot about Nandini, I wish I had focussed on her after marriage. Shobit and Nandini go out. He asks her to go. She asks why. He says I can see you are feeling uncomfortable after Darsh did all that, you are doing this for mom’s happiness, I m with him, you will do duty as he tells, not anything more than that. She goes. He says don’t worry Charmy, I will never forget the promise, I will never let them unite, like we couldn’t unite, I promise. Ritesh does the aid to the wounds. Darsh says tell Nandini that I m fine, she is much worried for me.

Ritesh says when I was in 6th standard, I fell down, Nandini took care of me by staying awake all night, she is caring, you really married a special girl. Darsh says you are right, she is special. He asks Nandini did she hear it, he is fine. Shobit says she left. Ritesh says I will message the painkiller name, I will go. Shobit says Nandini would be in the lobby. Ritesh leaves. Darsh says Nandini left. Shobit says its okay, everyone knows that nothing is fine between you too, she is here just for her work, mum asked her to help you. Darsh asks did she tell this to you. Shobit says no, she was looking uncomfortable here, take rest, tell me if you need anything.

Darsh goes to take some ice. He says mom would have asked me many things if I told her that I need ice. He drops all the ice cubes down. He sits to pick the ice cubes. Nandini comes and looks on. She gets a stick and moves the ice cubes towards him silently.

She keeps the stick and comes to him. She asks did Shobit give you medicine. He says its kept in the room, I will take it. She says I will get it. She goes. He uses the ice pack for relief. She gets the medicine. Namrata comes and checks medicine. She scolds Nandini. He asks what happened to you. Namrata says she is giving you wrong medicine, its mom’s medicine, what if you took this medicine and got any wrong reaction then, do you want to kill him and take revenge. She scolds Nandini. Rajvi comes. Nandini can’t read the name. Namrata says you don’t give medicine to anyone in your life, mom wants this illiterate girl to take care of Darsh. Darsh says anyone can do this mistake. Namrata says don’t defend her today, please.

She asks why is she doing your personal work. Rajvi says I told her, you find excuses to insult her. She takes Namrata. Nandini says I m not illiterate, I know some english. He says if anyone can’t see your goodness, then it doesn’t mean your value got less, you can learn it, I will make you enroll in the classes. She says no, people can laugh on me. He says people will laugh, don’t stop until the laugh turns into clap, if a blind man can save you from a storm, can’t you learn English and save your self respect, I remember the vows I gave you during marriage, I will keep your needs first and always stand by you, I will never forgive this.

She thinks I forgot that there is much love in your heart, I got habitual to see your anger. Gunjan eats sweets and spits it. She says I won’t make my enemies eat such sweets. Rakla says its made by spoilt milk and cheap ingredients, I made my friend make this app for Rawal sweets, we are getting many orders. She says good, we will write bad reviews about Rawal sweets, everyone should know that Darsh ruined the name, then no one can stop Shobit from becoming the owner. Rakla hugs her and says think about me also. Gunjan beats him and asks him not to try on her. She says tell your wife to clean you well, you are stinking. She goes.

Darsh and Nandini sit to work. He begins her english class. She asks where are you going. He says you get teacher’s scolding alone, my work was to make you reach the class, all the best. She talks to the teacher. He says we will wait for another student, then we will start, tell me, why do you want to learn english. She says my husband speaks very hi fi english, I mean my boss, I want to speak like him. He says well tried, see our second tudent has come. She gets surprised seeing Darsh. He greets Desai Sir. Desai says lets begin. Nandini asks why did you come to learn english. Darsh says my english is hifi, I thought to learn some normal english. He thinks I will keep your needs ahead of mine, I will never leave you now.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Darsh says you don’t want to keep relations with me, why do you keep relations with them. Nandini reads the news. Darsh says they will blame me for spoiling Rawal sweets image.


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