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Aatma Bandhan 16th October 2020 Aarti requests Cheeru to bring Chaitra back. Cheeru was assertive that Chaitra will not live in the house. Aarti cries that they already suffer because Cheeru is not with them, they will die if Chaitra is also not there. Cheeru asks why she left him to drown and saved Chaitra. Aarti agrees that she was wrong. Cheeru conditions that from now onwards, Aarti will only speak to him, feed him, give milk to him only, narrate a story to him only. She must stay away from Chaitra. Aarti cries, then promises Cheeru that she will only love him and take care of him. Cheeru agrees to bring Chaitra back home. Aarti pulls the bedsheet but nothing was there.
Chaitra stood at the edge of a cliff, ready to jump down the rocky passage. All at once something moves around her face, she was conscious fully. She recalls being in the hospital and looks around for help. She calls mummy for help and starts climbing down the rocks.

Aarti prays in temple to remove her pains. She wonders if she should be happy to have her son back or upset that he hates Chaitra. Cheeru does not want Chaitra to be loved. She requests God to convince her son’s heart that she loves him. She has no questions about life or death, as this is a part of universe. She requests God to bring Chaitra back home and change the heart of her son.
Chaitra reached down too a clearing in a forest. She spots an auto-rickshaw and stops it. She requests the driver to take her home.
In the temple, Aarti was determined to change the heart of her son. He came looking for her love. Someone announces that Chaitra is back home. Ashok hugs Chaitra at the reception. Vayda notices Chaitra is really terrified. They all ask Chaitra what happened to her. Chaitra was silent. Rani taunts that she got the qualities of her mother, she would not speak up. Ashok tells Rani to be quiet. Ashok asks Chaitra if she left because Cheeru told her to leave. It is just her doubts. Chaitra tries to speak but Aarti comes home and drags Chaitra inside. Everyone tries to stop Aarti, but she listens to none. Ashok stops Aarti at the door of the room. Aarti says she needs to speak to Chaitra and does not even allow Ashok inside. Rani argues that Chaitra is Ashok’s daughter as well. Indraprasad tells Ashok not to worry and let Aarti speak to her.

In the room, Aarti was heartbroken but thinks about her promise to Cheeru. She thinks Cheeru must be around. She cannot speak to Chaitra softly, otherwise Chaitra will suffer. Chaitra was crying. Aarti shouts at Chaitra why she left home? She left all on her own. Chaitra asks Aarti to listen to her. Aarti was angry that Chaitra left her seat. Chaitra says Cheeru came there and took her along. Aarti holds her tears back. She silently prays for a way out. Chaitra says she does not know how she reached there, when she was conscious, she found herself on the edge of a cliff. No one believes her and does not feel her truth, she feels bad. Aarti warns Chaitra not to speak to anyone about Cheeru, not even her papa. As Chaitra places her hand on Aarti, Cheeru’s reflection appears on the nearby wall.

Ashok gets a call from Ragini. Ragini tells him to come to office tomorrow, she suspects Kriparker. Kriparker looks like a Hitler to her, what if he knows about their relation. Kriparker stood right behind Ragini. Ashok says Kriparker is good for the good ones, while bad for those like her. After the call, Kriparker and Ragini laugh.

Aarti brings Chaitra downstairs. A lizard sat on the wall near the chandelier. Maatangi notices Aarti signaling Chaitra to stay silent. Vayda and Bhavani were concerned. Aarti says she only decided to walk because of restlessness. It is better they do not ask her something. Rani was assertive that they are responsible for everything in the house. Aarti says Chaitra is already tensed. Indraprasad says they must all know what is wrong with her and asks Chaitra what troubles her. The lizard fells over Rani. Indraprasad sends Rani to take a bath.

Kriparker cautions Ragini to lead everything as their plan. Ragini says the injustices with them were not meagre, the revenge will also be of equal scale. She burns every place she steps into.

It was night. Aarti comes to her room and bolts the door. She calls Cheeru as she walks around, she needs to speak to Cheeru. All at once, the photo frame lights up to reveal Cheeru’s shadow. Aarti thanks Cheeru for bringing Chaitra back. Cheeru warns her to forget her promise. Aarti says she scolded Chaitra when she came back, and she even told Chaitra not to speak about him in the house. She says Chaitra is tensed….. The curtains and lights begin to move. Cheeru was furious that Aarti was still worried for Chaitra, now she will see what he does to Chaitra.

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