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Aatma Bandhan 23rd October 2020 Rani was locked in the room and shouts for help. Indraprasad opens the door. Bhavani comes behind and everyone else gather. Rani blames Bhavani but Bhavani says she did not. Rani furiously shouts at Bhavani. Ashok stops Bhavani while Vayda stops Rani. Rani asks if the door was slammed itself. Rani instructs Cheeru to complete Cheerus’s Shraddh. Bhavani tells Rani to blame Cheeru for everything now and fill the ears of everyone. Rani taunts that Bhavani is not a mother herself, she can never understand what a mother feels like for children. Bhavani was sad and leaves. Rani was not ready to hear anything against her and goes to the room. Vayda consoles Ashok who was distressed himself. Maatangi takes Aarti away.

Late at night, Aarti and Maatangi stood in the lawns. Maatangi says Cheeru is responsible for all this. Aarti forbids her take her Cheeru’s name in all this, Maatangi has only seen his hatred. Aarti has seen his love. He wishes to sleep in her lap, eat from her hand, wants her to sing him lullaby. Aarti says Maatangi also lost her daughter if she had sent her daughter away. It does not matter if Cheeru is a human or a ghost. Maatangi asks what she will do to Chaitra, what if Cheeru harm her. Aarti says she has decided to go away from Chaitra.

In the room, the chair rocked, curtains flew and lights flash as Cheeru laughs in celebration. He sings Twinkle Twinkle…
Bhavani and Kriparker had packed their bags. Aarti was concerned. Bhavani announces her decision of leaving the house. Aarti says Rani said something to her, but this does not mean they leave the house. Vayda comes downstairs and stops Bhavani. Aarti asks Kriparker to say something. Kriparker says he can’t bear the insult of his wife. Bhavani demands an apology from Rani, only then she will stay. Vayda goes upstairs to Rani’s room. She tells Rani that Bhavani is leaving the house. Rani confirms if this is true? She was happy and celebrates the news. Indraprasad comes out of bath. Vayda tells him that Bhavani and Kriparker are leaving. Bhavani will stay only if… Rani says sorry to her. Rani mocks the demand and says she always taunted Bhavani because she wanted her to leave. It is good they have taken the decision. Indraprasad goes downstairs with Vayda to speak to them.

Aarti convince Bhavani that mummy and papa will be hurt with her action. Bhavani complains that no one cares for her in the family. Ashok says it is about their parents. Bhavani complains to Ashok that no one ever stopped Rani when she taunts her. Indra came downstairs, he convinces Bhavani that for his sake she must neglect Rani’s bitter tongue. He says this all negativity is around because someone compels them to do so. It is Cheeru. Guru ji instructed them for his Shraddh. They all forgot that there are black powers in the house. A photo of Cheeru come flying down the stairs. Jaisima screams out of fear. Indraprasad tells Jaisima to go and see. Jaisima did not move. Maatangi comes to the kitchen. A photo of Chaitra was burning on the stove. She screams. Everyone comes towards the kitchen. Maatangi lies that it was a cat.

Bhavani and Kriparker leave the house. Everyone runs behind them. Aarti confirms Maatangi what happened. She now comes to the room and questions Cheeru why he is doing all this. Cheeru says they all talk about sending him away. Aarti tells Cheeru that there was a fight between Rani and Bhavani because of him. Cheeru promises to stop Bhavani only if Aarti swears on Ashok’s life. Aarti vows on her Mangal Sooter. Cheeru leaves.

Kriparker and Bhavani were in the car. Kriparker tells her to rethink her decision, the doors of this house will be closed for them otherwise. They had started the car but it stops with a jerk. Rani stood in front of them. The family was behind them. Rani asked Bhavani if she will leave the house on petty fights, they must go inside. Ashok can’t live without her, her uncle is crying. Bhavani complains that Rani does not accept her mistake. Kriparker says this is enough that Rani came here. Bhavani thinks her respect increased in the house. Rani says a Sorry to Bhavani. Bhavani tells Kriparker to get off the car. Aarti silently thanks Cheeru for fulfilling his promise. Suddenly with a jerk, something leaves Rani. Rani was back in her senses and wonders how she came outside.
Inside, Vayda and Indra were appreciative of Rani. Rani was clueless. Indraprasad says she said sorry to Bhavani. Rani was irked at this thought and leaves the room. Indraprasad asks Vayda if she understood something. They decide to go to their Guru ji to solve these confusions.

The door of the house was locked from inside. Vayda goes to take the keys. Indra notices the door was not locked, still it did not open. Indra says this is about evil powers. If they have to send away such powers, they must bring in good powers.
In the room, Cheeru comes to Chaitra. He tells Chaitra to stop Indra from going to Guru ji, else he won’t spare her life.

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