Aatma Bandhan 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update


Aatma Bandhan 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Aatma Bandhan 7th October 2020 episode starts with Ashok appearing in restaurant within 1 hour time. Ragini says if he had got late, she would have left for his house. Ashok was annoyed why she was always stubborn. Ragini tells him to enjoy the ice cream. Ashok says he had to climb down the pipeline through balcony. Ashok tells her to finish the ice cream quickly, he has to go. Ragini says it will take at least one hour.

Aarti walked alone in the forest, determined that no matter how much these ghosts try to terrify her she will not stop. She has to speak to her son Cheeru once.

A man sat in the ice parlor spots Ashok there and confirms it was him. He calls his boss and says Ashok, the one who spoilt their business is in the ice cream parlor with his wife. The boss says they will make him pay by physically disabling his wife. He tells him to show his goons who the lady is and leave the place himself.

A police van stops Ashok and Ragini. Ragini introduces herself as Mrs. Ashok. The inspector says that he thought they must be morning their son. Ragini cries that they are still sad, but life has to go on. They must not show their grief to their parents forever as well. The inspector spots the goons with their faces covered. He tells them to show their faces and recognize that they were left from jail only two days ago. Ashok and Ragini leaves.

Aarti had walked into the temple. She hears a scream at the door but moves inside anyways. She takes the Asthiya out.

In the car, Ashok was angry at Ragini for introducing herself as a wife. What if the inspector meets Aarti and inquires about it. Ragini complains that Ashok did not appreciate her acting of a saddened mother. Ashok was offended that his son’s death was only acting for Ragini. She can not recognize the love of a child a mother holds in her heart. A child is the world for a mother. Whenever he is with Ragini, he feels guilt of betraying his Aarti. Aarti is sad, tensed and hurt; he has to be her support in such a time. Ragini has been playing with his life. She adds to his Aarti’s sufferings. He cries that only he knows the condition of Aarti in this time.

Aarti brings Cheeru’s Asthiya outside the temple and cries. She speaks to Cheeru and she loves him dearly. She places the Asthiya aside, goes into the temple and locks the door from inside. In the temple, Aarti lights a candle.

At home, Vayda asks Maatangi if she has given food to Aarti. She finds Maatangi stare at her in the kitchen. She says she will give Aarti the food. Vayda pours food for Aarti, murmuring that they have to serve their servants here. Maatangi takes the food plate telling Vayda that she knows what to do and when. In the room, Maatangi wish this night must spend safely tonight. Vayda stood behind Maatangi.

Vayda wakes Bhavani up and tells her that Aarti is missing. Bhavani and Vayda come upstairs and questions Maatangi. Maatangi replies she does not know where Aarti is. Bhavani says there is already much tension in the house, what if Papa knows about it. Maatangi says Ashok has taken Aarti outside.

Aarti burns a gas lamp to lighten the temple. She goes around, takes the steps down. Her hand strikes windchime. She was attacked by bats. The gas lamp goes out. She lights it again. All at once, the door bangs and creaks. She hears cries and sobbings. Aarti recalls Maatangi’s advice that she must not open the door at any cost. The ghosts will cry, sob and plead.


Aatma Bandhan 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Krishanprasad scolds Ashok for leaving the house with Aarti. Ashok says Aarti is not with him. There, Aarti hears Cheeru from the other side of door, requesting to open the door.


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