Abhi Pragya Romance confession Kumkum Bhagya


Ranbir drinks the thandai by mistake. Pallavi, Dida and Prachi get worried for him. Ranbir dances and further spoils their plan. Ranbir gets intoxicated and dances with Maya. Prachi gets jealous to see them together. She stops their romance and makes Maya away. Prachi takes Ranbir along. Pallavi praises Maya’s dance and offers the thandai drink to work out their plan.

Maya drinks the thandai. Pallavi gets happy that her plan will work now. Maya looks for Prachi. Abhi and Vikram find Chobey alone. They plan to provoke Chobey against Ranbir so that the alliance breaks. Vikram tells that he doesn’t want Chobey back in their lives.

Chobey goes to the guest room. He is also intoxicated. Abhi and Vikram find him sleeping and try to wake him up. They wonder who had fed the thandai to Chobey. Pragya misses Abhi and imagines him around. They have a dance performance in her dream. Prachi yells at Ranbir for getting drunk when they had to work out their plan against Maya. She feels that he wants to enjoy holi with Maya. She scolds him and wants to know if he likes to marry Maya. He apologizes to her. He confesses that he likes just her, since she is the best. He tells Prachi that he loves her. Prachi can’t believe this confession. Ranbir asks Prachi if she loves him as well.

She tries to believe the reality. She also thinks she loves him. He doesn’t get the answer. She gets happy to think that he loves her. She hugs Pragya and tries to share what Ranbir told her. Pallavi asks Prachi about their plan. She tells that Ranbir and Maya are inebriated and maybe Ranbir will reveal their plan if he meets Maya. Pallavi doesn’t want to send Ranbir to Maya. Prachi wants to go to Maya and make her confess the truth. Pragya tells that Maya is too drunk. Pallavi blames Dida for feeding so many thandai glasses to Maya. Prachi goes to tell Maya that Ranbir is calling her.

Maya tells Prachi that she is aware of the truth that Prachi loves Ranbir. Prachi struggles to take Maya with her. She feels someone is following her. She tries to record Ranbir and Maya’s conversation. Ranbir still stays in senses and works out the plan. Maya accepts that Ranbir didn’t molest her. She confesses love to him and asks him to marry her. He tells that he loves Prachi and can’t marry anyone else. Maya tells Ranbir that he will regret a lot, since she will not spare him, she will falsely accuse him to compel him for marriage. She threatens him with dire consequences. Prachi is sure that the recording will save Ranbir from the fraud case and the marriage.


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