Agar Tum Na Hote 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Agar Tum Na Hote 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Agar Tum Na Hote 10th November 2021 Abhimanyu calling Niyati from behind explains they will meet once again at the same place on the same time, Niyati turning questions why would they meet once again, Abhimanyu gets off from his bike explaining they will not meet but it will be Niyati which will make them meet,

she gets shocked hearing this, he explains it is because of fate that they will meet again, Niyati turns around to leave, he holds her hand, Sulochana sees them both from the window, she calls her husband to see what is going on, Niyati turning asks what is this rude behaviour, Sulochana sends him to check who is this boy.

Abhimanyu asks if she believes in fate, Niyati replies she doesnot when he exclaims it is really sad, he is sure they would meet once again because of Niyati, that is fate, he gets on his bike to leave while she is standing there thinking about what he has just said, she is not able to comprehend anything, Abhimanyu goes away on his bike while his mother is coming towards the street.

Niyati turns when she is shocked to see her father coming towards her, he asks who was the boy, she replies she does not know him, he questions then why was he holding her hand, she explains that she was not able to get an auto so he gave her a lift, she asks if he trusts her, her father replies he trusts her more than himself but she is now an elder and cane take the decisions of her own life, she should tell them if she loves anyone,

Niyati explains that her life revolves around going to the hospital from their house, her father explains this is all for another time because for now she will also have to take care of her mother who is really angry with her, and she would have to calm her down, she is still watching from the window, they both share a laugh and walk inside while the mother of Abhimanyu drives from the front o their house with her brother.

Abhimanyu’s mother is standing in front of the portrait which she has with her son, she recalls how she used to spend such a good time with her son which was always filled with laughter, her brother coming from behind explains she should eat something as her hunger would not help them find Abhimanyu soon, she agrees but explains it has been six months and had the situations been different she would have found him by now, but she doesnot know what to do, he assures her to not worry as everything would be sorted.

Sulochana questions Niyati who was the boy, she replies he only told her that his name was Abhimanyu, Sulochana says she can make a fool out of her father but she will not listen to anything, she questions if Niyati has any relationship with him, Niyati assures there is nothing of the sort, she requests her father to say something,

Sulochana also says how she is eager to hear what he has to say, he asks her to pass the lentils as they seem tasty, Sulochana in anger passes them when her father says that he has already talked with her, Sulochana replies then she should not interfere in this matter, Niyati also explains she doesnot want to hear his name again,

Sulochana sitting asks Niyati what does she think about Dr Aanad because he is a good doctor and also seems interested in her, Niyati replies she can surly talk with her mother about how it is really rude of him to talk behind someone’s back, she gets up leaving from the table, her father asks Sulochana what was the ned to talk about her marriage, Sulochana questions if he would not marry her the entire life, he replies he would and she knows the reason behind it, Sulochana gets worried about Niyati.

In the morning, Abhimanyu is riding his motorcycle without any worry, while listening to the music, he sees a woman taking care of her son and recalls how his mother would also used to take care of him, he requests a woman standing on the bus stand for her mobile so he can talk with his mother, he even offers to give her money but she refuses.

Abhimanyu calls her mother but doesnot say anything, she calls him Munna asking how he is, he says that she has also won this time, she asks where he is, he replies this is the same question which she asks each time, he cannot reveal this to her, she requests him to come back as she can make sure everything goes back as it was before, he smiling replies they both know it will never be the same again, he is about to end the call when she exclaim his uncle wants to talk with him, he asks Abhimanyu how is he doing, he calls him Katapa Uncle to which he replies he is nothing without Bahubali, even he requests Abhimanyu to not do this and come back but he still refuses, his mother then explains if he is stubborn then she is also his mother and would not go back without taking him, Abhimanyu exclaims he loves her and then ends the call as he saw something which worried him.

Niyati in the hospital informs Sachin that he doesnot have any fever and will be discharged today but where is his mother, he replies that she usually comes at nine but he doesnot know why has she not come till now, Sara comes asking Nyati to follow her because something important has come, as they are not the emergency patients, Niyati is shocked to see that Abhimanyu is not in the hospital,

Saira starts laughing, Niyati questions how did she come to know about him, Saira replies that her mother told her to keep an eye on Niyati, who exclaims that this topic ended at the dinner table and even she doesnot want to see his face ever again, Saira replies that he gave her a lift in the rain and even held her hand, such things can worry any mother, Niyati leaves in anger, sara follows her when someone holding her hand stops her, she is shocked to see that it si Abhimanyu who is sitting, he says Hello calling her as twinkle,

then getting up exclaims he is shocked that she is a nurse, she demands that he leave her hand, Abhimanyu mentions it is most opportune that she is a nurse while he is the patient, Saira coming exclaims he is Abhimanyu, he asks this means she also talked about him with her friend, she once again demands him to leave her hand, he replies how he said they have met once again because of fate, Niyati replies he was following her from her house.

A woman coming from behind exclaims they are not letting Sachin get discharged, Niyati asks what she is saying as he is healthy, the women exclaim they are asking for six lax rupees, Abhimanyu replies that she must not be worried because they are going to get her son.

Abhimanyu goes with the Misses Pawar to the receptionist asking for her bill, the guard asks if he would be the one to pay it, Abhimanyu replies that his father’s FD has matured and he is going to get the money, Misses Pawar is standing beside Abhimanyu, when he reads the amount,

Dr Aanad coming from behind questions what is going on here, the guard replies that this lady is creating a scene because for the sake of money, Dr Aanad says this is the reason he advised her to take her son someplace else because she would not be able to afford this hospital but at that time she pleaded with him so now must bring the money because she assured that she would even sell her house or her honour for the sake of her son, Abhimanyu gets really frustrated, Niyati coming from behind advises how they can get a concession from the charitable fund,

Dr Aanad replies what she is saying is done at the time of admission but he is saying what is his duty, Misses Pawar tries to touch the feet of Dr Aanad but he pushes her, she falls onto the ground which worries everyone, Abhimanyu manages to help her, Dr Aanad exclaims now she should go to bring the money, Abhimanyu stands with a smile, he walks towards Dr Aanad and slaps him in front of everyone which leaves the entire staff in shock.


Agar Tum Na Hote 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhimanyu standing in front of Niyati exclaims he loves her and will wait for her in the same place at the same time, he is about to leave the hospital when he sees his mother coming. Niyati coming to him exclaims she hates him, she slaps Abhimanyu, he mentions he has made a mistake and would punish himself, he starts slapping himself.


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