Agar Tum Na Hote 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Agar Tum Na Hote 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Agar Tum Na Hote 28th April 2022 Mr panday says that today her son will give all the answers and she will not say anything, Abhimanyu questions why is he talking like this to Maa as he himself saw that Angad was trying to kill her,

Niyati explains that he is once again getting trapped in her actions because she knew that he will forget about her daughter when he sees that she is in trouble which is what is happening, Abhimanyu accepts that he was wrong to not believe her but how can he not accept it to be the truth when he himself saw his mother struggling to breathe,

Niyati questions how does he know she is not acting when Abhimanyu replies because she is his mother and he knows she cannot do anything wrong with him, Niyati replies she should have thought that when he can forget her for trying to kill him then how would he be worried for her and her daughters life. Abhimanyu shouts at her when she says that he cannot yell since tonight a mother is standing infront of him and not a wife.

Nidtiya calls her mother after waking up, Niyati rushes to console her when she calls Abhimanyu as her father, Nidtiya takes the hands of both Niyati and Abhimanyu calling him as her father when Niyati replies that she told the truth as he doesnot have any relation with him, but Nidtiya takes them both to the Mandir praying that she is glad Mata Rani made her find her real father, Niyati questions what is she saying when Nidtiya forces them to pray informing them of the truth, she followed the beggars and then found out that Angad is the one who gave her to those beggars, Angad gets tensed while everyone else is frustrated.

Mr Panday pulling Angad questions if she is telling the truth, he asks if Angad is behind the kidnapping of his niece and he gave the fake news of her death, Manaroma says she is going to tell the truth, she accepts that Angad is behind it all. Manaroma puts down the gun, walking to Abhimanyu explains that she knew a little truth before while she got to know the rest today,

she accepts that Angad kidnapped Guria and he barred her from giving the money. She recalls that he threatened that she will lose her biological son. Abhimanyu is stunned. Manaroma mentions Angad told her they accidentally killed the child and Niyati knew this truth from the start, she lied to him in order to protect Angad. Since Niyati knew the truth which is why Angad desired that they both get separated so she turned him against Niyati, he recalls when she blamed Niyati for being the reason for the death of Guria.

Manaroma reveals that she did not know the entire truth but felt that it happened because of a mistake and she got to know today that it was his planned move and Angad gave Guria to the beggars, she is not worthy of their apology because she ruined one of her son to protect the other.

Nidtiya asks if she can now call him as papa so calls both Niyati and Abhimanyu and Mumma and Papa, Abhimanyu is not able to control him so hugs Nidtiya, Niyati recalls when he blamed her for killing her own daughter, she stops Abhimanyu explaining Nidtiya is not his daughter, he turned a mother into a murderer six years ago when she pleaded with him yet he refused to accept the truth and now when Manaroma told the truth, he accepted it which proves that he still listens to his mother eve today.

Manaroma is crying. Amma jee says Niyati is telling the truth because Abhimanyu has always put the lies over the truth because of which he lost his wife and daughter just because of this woman. Mr panday explains that he was living miserably for the past six years, he cursed Niyati even when they tried to inform him he just believed what his mother told him so lost his relations. Rupali at once exclaims she felt close to Nidtiya the first moment she saw her.

Niyati explains that she realized that Abhimanyu is so much under the control of her mother but she feels that it was her biggest mistake to love him, she doesnot feel there is any kimat connection because if that was the case then they would have not been separated at all neither in theiur childhood nor six years ago.

Niyati explains she might have lost as a wife but is successful as a mother which is why MataRani have Nidtiya to her since she knew that her mother can protect her because her father is busy doing what his mother says, she lived with his blames for six years but the love of Nidtiya kept her going ahead in life. Niyati questions what punishment is he going to give to his mother asking if he can do the same to his mother what he did to her, Angad takes the gun threatening that no one can throw him out of this house because it all belongs to him.

Angad pushes Abhimanyu away who falls and he pints a gun on the head of Nidtiya. Mentioning it all happened because of her but Abhimanyu I once again going to perform the rituals of his daughter, Manaroma tries to calm him down but he asks her to not call him as her son since she proved that she loves Abhimanyu more then him, Abhimanyu manages to hit him with the broken bottle,

Abhimanyu says he gave everything to Angad but he even then separated him from Niyati and even tried to kill him again. Angad manages to hit him in the stomach with the broken bottle, Abhimanyu calls Manaroma for help who picks the gun firing it on the back of Angad, he manages to turn when she again hits him with it so he falls dead before her just at the same time when Ram enters the Panday Mansion with the police. They all are shocked to see what has happened meanwhile Manaroma sits beside the console crying.


Agar Tum Na Hote 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Abhimanyu says to his father, I lost my daughter and Niyati, how will I live? Niyati walks in the house. Abhimanyu gets happy and says you are back. Niyati says, I couldn’t go away from you, in last 6 years I have learnt that in a relation balance is also important along with trust and I’m ready to trust you again for my daughter.


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