Agar Tum Na Hote 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Agar Tum Na Hote 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Agar Tum Na Hote 31st December 2021 Abhimanyu is sleeping while Niyati is sitting infront of the door, he mobile phone rings, she answers it and Sulochana questions if what Aanad has said is the truth,

Niyati questions if they found out it all, Sulochana questions how can he forget her like this because he was at first ill and now even forgot her, Sulochana questions how would Abhimanyu get healthy, Ram from behind exclaims that she should ask Niyati to forget it and come back as Abhimanyu might not get healthy,

Niyati requests her to try and calm down papa but Sulochana orders to either come back herself or she is going to come and bring her back as she cannot let her ruin the life just like that, Niyati is sleeping on the couch while it is raining, she wakes up because of the thunder and is also worried about Abhimanyu.

Niyati standing looking at the rain, thinks about the first meeting with Abhimanyu when he took down the umbrella for her, saying she must not hold it as she is already wet, but then how he forgot her today, she looking back at him closes the window. Niyati stands in front of Abhimanyu, looking at him in the eyes, she touches his forehead when he suddenly wakes up questioning what was she trying to do,

she explains she was checking when he responds she was checking him at two thirty in the night, Abhimanyu asks if she is insane as what is she doing in his room, she explains she is his nurse so it is her responsibility to take care of him, he jokes saying he can never be with a girl like her, he walks to take a glass of water mentioning he got scared after seeing her in the bridal dress and asks if she was coming from her own wedding, she replies she was coming from he friend’s wedding but got late so needed to report on time.

Abhimanyu exclaims there is no problem since he is healthy and she should take some rest since they both cannot live together, and sleep in her room however Niyati explains this is her room since she is his nurse so has to be with him at all times, Abhimanyu mentions that it is a problem since he sometimes looses his mind,

who knows he might kill her in anger so she will diw without any reason, Niyati gets scared, he says she must leave because he doesnot need her, he opens the door for her so she slowly walks out when he stopping her asks her to always ask before coming into his room.

Niyati standing outside the room thinks he has forgotten everything which is why he said all this so she cannot say anything to him because otherwise he might not be able to remain calm, Niyati sees a room, she is about to knock on it but wonders what is the need to disturb anyone, she walks down the stairs while Buzo comes to her, she massages him then opens the main door, walking out with Buzo who climbs the sofa, they both sit down together, when she starts petting him and placing her head against the sofa falls asleep.

In the morning, Buzo starts barking so Niyati wakes up to see that Sulochana is standing with Aanad infront of her, she is really mad, Niyati questions what are they doing her all of a sudden, Aanad questions what is she doing here in the clothes of a nurse and if she slept here all night, Niyati tries to explain that it is nothing like that but he replies what they saw was not the truth as he told them before that nothing good would happen with her,

Sulochana says that she would not listen to anything that she is trying to say but Niyati explains that it is not like that and she is going to explain the entire truth, Buzo rushes to a room upstairs, Kinkar hearing him barking wonders what has happened so calls him, Buzo comes running to Kinkar, he asks what has happened. Amma jee also questions if he has seen a ghost but Buzo rushes outside, Kinkar is also stunned to see Sulochana Bhabhi and Dr Aanad, he asks if everything is fine.

Amma jee is also really excited to see Sulochana, she takes the blessings of Amma who asks why did she come all of a sudden as they might have sent a car, Sulochana says had she not come like that how could have she found out the truth that her daughter after being the daughter in law of the family slept outside on the sofa, Kinkar questions why did she not tell him, she could have even told Manaroma and Kichu bhai,

but Kinkar requests her to come inside however Sulochana exclaims she would not enter the house where her daughter is not treated in a proper manner, Niyati questions why was is she escalating everything as it was her own fault, she fell asleep on the sofa, no one threw her out of the house, Aanad questions why is she still trying to protect these people who are illtreating her, as Abhimanyu used to mistreat her and now they are doing the same, Amma jee questions who is she to speak like that in English,

he replies he is the most close friend of Niyati, Dr Aanad with whom she was about to get married, Amma is really shocked to hear this meanwhile Niyati is stunned, Aanad explains that Niyati married her mental son while rejecting him, Amma gets angry with Aanad, Niyati requests them all to calm down as it doesnot seem what can be seen, Sulochana exclaims the truth is that the person for whom she went against her father,

has forgotten her and Manaroma or Kichu bhai do not care about her, she is adamant to take Niyati with her but she pleads with Sulochana to not do anything with in front of Abhimanyu as he is not well so might not be able to take the burden, she even sends Dadi and Kinkar inside to stop Abhimanyu from coming out, she is worried if he might suffer another attack, Sulochana requests Niyati to at least hear her but Abhimanyu calls Manaroma, Sulochana explains that she has the right to fear for Niyati,

she will not make the same mistake twice, Niyati explain Abhimanyu is her husband and not healthy so needs her support, she pleads with Sulochana to leave and even requests Aanad to leave, Sulochana is just crying while looking at the condition of Niyati.

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