Ajooni 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 11th August 2022 Ravindra stops the wedding and says I have decided this marriage won’t happen, he leaves from there. Rajveer goes behind him.

Rajveer comes to Ravindra and says don’t do all this. Ravindra says you won’t get married to that girl. Rajveer says I have worked hard to bring her to this mandap. Ravindra says yes, you have worked hard to make me feel insulted.

How dare that girl ask you to apologize to her useless father? Rajveer says I had to apologize so I don’t mind. Ravindra says today she forced you to apologize, tomorrow she will force us. You can’t be married to her. Rajveer says I will marry her only. Ravindra says not till I am alive.

Rajveer says fine and is about to leave but Bebe comes there and asks Rajveer to go back to the mandap. He nods and goes inside. Ravindra tells Bebe that I won’t marry Rajveer to that girl. Bebe says I also don’t want that girl in this house, I don’t like her but we have to play it safe as Ajooni is acting like a poisonous snake right now. Once we get married him to that girl then we will teach her a lesson, we will control her then.

Rajveer comes back to the mandap. Subhash asks what’s going on? First, you got my daughter’s engagement to break off then brought us all here and now you are saying this marriage can’t happen? Ajooni says don’t bow to these people, if they don’t want this marriage then it’s okay as it was forced.

Dolly says she is showing an attitude like she is doing a favor to us. We can find many girls like her. Harvinder says we don’t let girls talk in our house, tell her to shut up otherwise we can. Rajveer says enough, this is my personal matter so don’t interfere. He tells Subhash that this marriage will happen at any cost so don’t worry.

Bebe brings Ravindra back and asks Rajveer to get married with all the rituals. Rajveer thanks Bebe and says you are the best. Rajveer smiles at Ajooni. They exchange garlands and all clap. Ajooni glares at him. The priest starts mantras for the marriage. Subhash does Ajooni’s kanyadaan. He asks Rajveer to take care of his daughter.

Rajveer says don’t worry, she is most important to me so I will protect her always. The priest asks them to take pheras. Rajveer’s mother taunts she might have another condition now. Rajveer says enough. He holds Ajooni’s hand and starts taking pheras with her. The priest asks for the mangalsutra.

Mummy ji Harmand gives it and says we have many diamonds on the mangalsutra so keep it safe. Bebe taunts that this girl might have never seen a diamond and would be scared. Rajveer puts Mangalsutra on and fills her forehead with sindoow. The priest says this marriage is done, they are husband and wife from now on.

All clap for them. Bebe blesses them and tells Rajveer that your happiness is our happiness. Ravindra hugs Rajveer. Harmand blesses them and asks Ajooni to show some happiness. Rajveer says she must be tired. Ajooni sadly looks at her parents. Rajveer starts to go towards them but Dolly stops them and says I have to bless them first. She asks Ajooni to touch her feet and get blessings.

Rajveer says she is your bhabhi so you should touch her feet. Dolly angrily leaves. Rajveer and Ajooni take Subhash’s blessings. He tells Subhash to not worry, he will take care of Ajooni, he is my responsibility from now on.

Her mother hugs her and says don’t worry about anything. Beeji tells Ajooni that God is with you, just take care. Ajooni nods. Buaji asks Rajveer to take care of her, he says I will. Bharat hugs Ajooni and says don’t worry about anything. Rajveer says she is my responsibility. Bebe says enough of this drama, we have more rituals.

All family members sit together. Bebe tells Ajooni that we have a ritual of changing the name of our daughter-in-law. All are shocked. Bebe asks Rajveer if he has thought of a name? Ravindra says she is educated and is quick to answer back so I was thinking of give her a ticket in elections, what if we name her Damini?

Dolly says we should give her a modern name like Eshani. Harmand says we should have a homely name for like Simran. Rajveer says I already have thought of a name for her. Bebe asks what is it? Ajooni says one minute, I don’t think it’s needed because I won’t change my name, all are shocked.


Ajooni 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni tells her family that I did this marriage to take revenge on Rajveer. Ajooni enters Bebe’s house and tells the family that I am not your Lakshmi, I am a Durga which will bring storm in this house. Bebe gets angry and is about to slap her but Rajveer holds her hand back.


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