Ajooni 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 12th September 2022 The minister and his family arrive at Ravindra’s house. The minister introduces his daughter Shikha to them. Harman says that’s a really nice name. They will make a good couple, Harvinder smirks at her. She calls Aman there to bring tea. Harman says I would request Shikha to help in serving.

Shikha takes the tea from Aman and serves it to everyone. She brings it to Harvinder who smiles at her. Aman is hurt seeing all that. Ravindra asks Harvinder to take her and show her around. Harvinder and Shikha leave from there. Harman introduces Aman and says she is Harvinder’s first wife.

She makes good food but she couldn’t become a mother, we have to get an heir. Shikha’s mother asks what will be her future? Harman says she is like a silent cow so she won’t have any issue, she will accept Shikha like her sister, right Aman? Harvinder and Shikha come back. Harman asks if she liked the house and everything?

Shikha smiles and says I accept everything. Ravindra says then the proposal is done, let’s prepare for the wedding. They all have sweets. Harman forcefully makes Aman eat it too. Shikha and her family leave. Ajooni is angry and throws away the sweets. Ravindra glares at her and asks Rajveer to keep his wife under control. Ajooni says I was silent because they were guests but I won’t let this wedding happen.

Ravindra says you will stop us? Ajooni says he is married and his wife is alive so it’s against the law. Ravindra shouts you want to teach me law? I want an heir so nobody can stop me. Ajooni says why do you think Aman has an issue? What if Harvinder can’t become a father? Harvinder gets angry.

Ravindra says I will prove you wrong as Harvinder is my blood. He glares at Rajveer and says he is useless. Your wife doesn’t let you near her and you can’t be a man. He says Harvinder will get married at any cost and nobody can stop me. If you want to stop this wedding then you both have 1 month to give us a good news.

Can you both give us an heir? You both have one month. He asks Harman to start preparing for the wedding. Rajveer says stop, I accept your condition. I will give you a good news in one month and that’s my promise. Ajooni is shocked.

Ajooni is packing her bags. Rajveer comes there and says I didn’t have a choice so I promised him. Ajooni says what will we do after a month? Rajveer says we will figure something out. Ajooni says you lied to them and you will keep lying. Rajveer says what should I do? They want a good news but we can’t become one so I did what I could. I did it for Aman Bhabhi. I care for her so tell me if I was wrong? Ajooni looks on.

Ravindra gives a file to Harman and asks her keep it safe. He gets Shikha’s father’s call and says we don’t have to hurry for the wedding. You will have to wait for a bit. He ends the call. Harvinder says why are you delaying it? If Rajveer promised us then he will follow it. Harman says I don’t trust Ajooni so we should prepare for the wedding. Ravindra asks Harman to go to them and tell them you are preparing for the wedding.

Ajooni tells Rajveer that what’s happening with Aman is unfair but putting pressure on me to give birth to an heir is unfair with me too. I will fight for Aman till my last breath, I will even take help from the law but I won’t let you play with my character. Harman comes there and hears that. She tells them that you both can’t do it so Ravindra has fixed Harvinder’s wedding. Ajooni is shocked.


Ajooni 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aman is trying to kill herself but Ajooni stops her and says till I am here, I won’t let your marriage break and won’t let Harvinder marry again, that’s my promise to you. Ajooni comes to Rajveer and says I am ready to give birth to this family’s heir. Rajveer is shocked to hear that.


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