Ajooni 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 13th September 2022 Harman tells Rajveer that I know you can’t give us an heir so Ravindra has fixed Harvinder’s wedding, I will fulfill all my dreams and throw Aman out of the house soon. Ajooni is shocked. Harman leaves. Rajveer tells Ajooni are you happy now? Don’t call me selfish again. He leaves from there. Ajooni cries.

At night time, Harvinder comes to his room and is drunk. He tells Aman that I will go on a honeymoon and bring back an heir. He says let’s celebrate my second marriage by drinking.

He tries to force her to drink but she pushes the glass away. Harvinder says it’s okay, he says Ajooni was saying I had something that I can’t give birth but you didn’t stop her? He falls down on the bed and says I will marry again and enjoy. Aman is hurt hearing that.

Aman comes to the kitchen and takes a knife. She is about to cut her arm but Ajooni comes there and stops her. Aman cries and says I can’t see my husband marrying again. Ajooni says this is not a solution. Aman says I can’t become a mother, you don’t want to become a mother then how will you save my marriage? Ajooni says I promise to save your marriage, I will not let Harvinder marry again. Aman cries and hugs her.

Ajooni is going back to her room and thinks I promised Aman but I will have to pay a big price now. She comes to her room and takes the blanket from Rajveer. He says I am going to sleep on the floor. Ajooni says I am ready, if this is the oly way to save Aman’s marriage then I am ready to give birth to an heir.

Rajveer decorates the room to consumate his marriage with Ajooni. Ravindra sees that and smiles, he leaves from there. Harvinder sees the decorations and angrily leaves from there. Harman sees the decorated room too and gets happy. Rajveer lights up candles and puts flowers on the bed. He waits for Ajooni.

Ajooni comes in the room after getting ready and is tensed. She is surprised to see the room decorated. Rajveer says I did this for you. He offers her a rose. Ajooni silently takes it. Thoda thoda pyar hua plays. Rajveer makes Ajooni sits down on the bed. She gives him warm milk,

Rajveer smiles at her and holds her hand. He caresses her face and hugs her. Rajveer undones her dori but notices no response from Ajooni. He gets up from the bed. Ajooni asks what happened? Rajveer says I want your love, not your pity.

Ajooni says I got ready myself. Rajveer says you were pressurized for this, remember you said that you can win a body by force but can’t win love. Ajooni says I accepted this, this is not force. Rajveer says it’s sill unfair. I married you because I love you, not because I want a heir. I want your love and I will win it one day. He leaves from there.

In the morning, Ajooni comes to the roof and finds Rajveer sleeping there. she asks him to wake up. He asks who is it? Ajooni says it’s me. Rajveer wakes up and asks what happened? Did anything happen? Ajooni laughs and says it’s morning, come downstairs. He says I am coming. Ajooni smiles and leaves from there.

The servant tells Harman that no one was in their room. Rajveer is sleeping on the roof, Ajooni went to wake him up. Harman says so it means nothing happened between them. Rajveer likes her a lot? I will make sure he doesn’t anymore.

She mixes something in the shampoo and says this make Rajveer hate her. She asks her to put the shampoo in Ajooni’s room. The servant puts the shampoo in her bathroom. Ajooni comes there and asks what are you doing here? She says I came to ask for the breakfast.

Harvinder asks Aman to sit with him. She does. Harvinder says you took care of me but I will have another wife so stay away from me and stay in another room now. I am going to take bath so iron my clothes, I have to look smart when I meet Shikha. He asks her to bring shampoo.

Aman comes to Ajooni and asks if she has shampoo? Harvinder needs it. Ajooni gives her the bottle which Harman tempered. Aman finds Rajveer sleeping on the bed and thinks maybe everything is fine between Rajveer and Ajooni now. Ajooni notices her looking at Rajveer sleeping on the bed. Aman doesn’t say anything and leaves from there.


Ajooni 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Harvinder takes a shower and all his hair fall off. Harvinder shouts at Aman and asks what did you put in the shampoo? He is about to beat her but Ajooni stops him and says I gave the shampoo to her. Rajveer is confused.


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