Ajooni 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ajooni 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ajooni 14th September 2022 Harvinder takes the shampoo from Aman and goes to take shower. He uses the shampoo and suddenly all his hair falls off. Harvinder shouts what is this?

Ajooni comes to Aman and asks if she cooked breakfast for Rajveer? Santo says I have cooked it. Harman comes there and looks on. Harman asks Aman if she made yogurt? Aman says I am sorry, I forgot to make it. Ajooni goes from there. Harman scolds Aman and leaves from there.

All family members sit to have breakfast. Rajveer asks for yogurt but Aman says I forgot to make it. Ravindra says wow, you can’t even order it? Aman says I will ask someone to bring it. Bebe asks where is Ajooni?

Harman says she left after hearing about the yogurt, they all are useless. Rajveer says enough, it’s just yogurt and I can eat without it for one day. He is about to eat but Ajooni brings yogurt there. Rajveer is surprised and smiles at her. Ajooni says I went to buy it. Rajveer smiles and eats it. Ajooni smiles at him.

Harvinder shouts and comes to the family, he shows his bald head and shouts that Aman doesn’t want me to remarry that’s why she did this. All are shocked. Harvinder says she must have mixed something in the shampoo. Bebe says I won’t spare her, she asks Shanto to bring a hunter. Harvinder is about to hit her but Ajooni holds the hunter and says it’s not her fault. I gave the shampoo to her.

Rajveer is confused. Harvinder says she is spoiling my life now? Ajooni says I didn’t mix anything in the shampoo, why would I do it? She tells Rajveer that I was going to take the shower so someone tempered with the shampoo, they wanted this to happen to me. Harvinder says I am looking like a fool. Ravindra says whoever done this with you will have the same punishment.

He asks Ajooni if she did it? She says no, I didn’t do anything. Harman says then who would do it? Ajooni says if his hair fell from my pouch shampoo then how is it my fault? Harman says it was not in the pouch, it was in the bottle and you must have mixed something. Ajooni asks how does she know it was in the bottle? All look on. Harman says I mean.. I thought so.

Ravindra glares at her and asks if she did something? Harman says I don’t know anything. Ravindra says you wanted to temper with Ajooni’s shampoo right? He asks Shanto to bring the same shampoo,

Harman starts crying and pleads with himk but he makes her hair wet and is about to use the shampoo but Ajooni stops him and says she did this with me but please don’t punish her. She did it out of spite but her hair is honor so don’t take it away from her, she is my mother in law so don’t do this, just forgive her.

Rajveer says Ajooni is right. He says Harvinder doesn’t care and you kept trying to harm Ajooni but she is taking your side today. He asks Ravindra to leave her. Ravindra tells Harman that this is her last warning otherwise he will kill her. He leaves from there. Harman glares at Ajooni.


Ajooni 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer gives the ring to Ajooni and says I bought it for our engagement but couldn’t give it before. Ajooni says you can make me wear it then. Rajveer makes her wear it and says don’t leave my hand again now. He kisses her hand, she smiles a thim.


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