Ajooni 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 15th August 2022 Ajooni enters her room and locks it, she cries and is scared. She puts a sofa against the door and calls Subhash. Subhash wakes up and takes the call. She is crying so he asks what happened? Ajooni says these people are animals, I can’t stay here, please take me away. Subhash says don’t worry, I am coming.

Rajveer is sitting with his friends and says I brought a gift for her and it got broken so I got angry. I did all this for her but she keeps shouting at me. His friend says this is a new environment for her, she must have never seen people fighting so she must be scared. Rajveer says how will I pacify her? His friend tells him to just wait till the morning and she will forget everything.

In the morning, Ravindra asks Harmand where is our new daughter in law? Harmand says I don’t know. Bebe asks her to control her daughter in law. Ravindra says our own son is a fool. Bebe says I have called a jeweler to buy bangles for the pooja. Ravindra asks where is Harvinder? Aman says he is not home.

Harmand says she is a useless woman who couldn’t even give birth to our grandson so he would have to go out. Bebe asks Aman to bring Ajooni there. Rajveer comes there and says I will bring her. Ravindra says she would give you a lecture and you would bow down to her.

Subhash tells his family that even if we go there, we won’t be able to do anything. Bharat says we will bring her back. Subhash says she is married there now, we have to think before going there. Buaji says Ajooni has to compromise a little. Beeji says we should go and talk to them, tell them that she is not used to seeing all that.

Rajveer knocks on the door and asks Ajooni to open the door. Ajooni opens it and glares at him. Rajveer says I did all that for you but I didn’t know it would scare you. He says let’s go and have breakfast together. Ajooni says I am not hungry. Rajveer says I know you are angry because I forced you to marry me but you have to see that my family is insulting me for all this. Ajooni says I don’t care, just leave.

Rajveer says just come with me otherwise.. Ajooni says otherwise what? Rajveer picks her up and smiles. Ajooni says put me down. Rajveer says I brought you here from your home so I can take you to the breakfast table. Ajooni says I will go, just put me down. He smiles and puts her down. She goes with him.

Scene 2
Bebe and other women are buying bangles. Bebe says that girl is making Rajveer dance to her tunes but I will teach her a lesson now. Subhash and his wife arrive there. Subhash tries to greet Ravindra but he ignores him. Subhash says we are here. Ravindra says I am ignoring you because you were not invited. He asks them to sit on the stools. Subhash feels insulted.

Ravindra says I wouldn’t suggest you come here uninvited. Rajveer and Ajooni come there. Ajooni says who made you sit here? Ravindra says he thought this is his real place. Ajooni says stop it. Ravindra says shut up, your father is no PM, he has no respect for me.

Ajooni tells Rajveer you claim to love me but you are silent when he is insulting my father? Ravindra says Rajveer went against his family to marry you but you keep taunting him. Teach your parents that they can’t come here without an invitation. Subhash says we were just worried about what happened last night so we came here. Bebe says your daughter is dead so get lost. Ajooni says but..

Bebe says enough, this is our family matter so they have to stay out of it. Subhash says we will leave now. Ravindra says we have a pooja so you are invited. Subhash nods and leaves with his family. Ajooni glares at Rajveer.

Bebe tells Ravindra that you did the right thing by insulting her parents. She tells Harmand that you are unlucky to get a useless daughter in laws.

Ajooni is sitting in her room and recalls Ravindra insulting her parents. Rajveer comes there and says I never went against my family but I did it for you. They are nice people so just let some days pass and you will become their favorite.

Bebe asks Dolly and Aman to take Ajooni to the kitchen and make her cook till she is tired.


Ajooni 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni comes to the pooja, Ravindra shouts why is she not wearing chunri on her head? Bebe says she needs to cover her head. Ajooni says I won’t cover my head. Ravindra is about to slap her but Rajveer holds his hand.


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