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Ajooni 1st August 2022 Ajooni’s father asks Raj what does he want? Raj points the gun at Ajooni and says I want her. Her father says what is all this? who are you? Why are you playing with our honor? We are respectful people so please leave.

Raj says we are good people too, don’t worry about the gun, it’s legal and I am asking for your daughter’s hand legally too. Ajooni is shocked. Her father pleads them to leave, this is not a joke. Raj says please hold, I don’t want to create a scene because what I want will happen. Ajooni will marry Rajveer Bagga only.

Rajveer says that’s all. Bharat says go from here, I will beat you till the police come here. Rajveer says don’t talk to your to-be brother-in-law like this. Biji says go from here we are not scared of your guns. I can slap you. Rajveer touches her feet and says wow Biji you’re just like me. Welcome to the family. You can slap me I will consider it your blessing.

Ajooni’s dad says go from here please I beg you. He says I am leaving but next week Ajooni and I will marry right here and you all have to come. See you all next week. Rajveer says to pandit ji find a mahurat for next week. Ajooni will be mine next week.

Scene 2
Everyone is upset at home. Neeru cries and says we have never done anything bad. Ajooni’s dad asks her to be quiet. Bua Bindu says it happened because we remained silent. We should have controlled it when we could. I am sure Ajooni knows that guy. Neery asks Ajooni do you know that guy?

Ajooni says I don’t know him at all. I saw him at the temple once. Then he forcefully sat in my auto. And since then he started living in front of our house. Bharat says why didn’t you tell us? Biji says she was scared and worried for you. She shared everything with me. I knew everything. She says Ajooni threatened him to tell the police. She didn’t know he would come here with a gun. Neeru says what will Avinash’s family think of us? She cries.

Avinash’s mother says we have been insulted because of that girl. We can’t bring her in this house. His dad says relax, please. His mom says what if Ajooni runs after the wedding and if Avinash’s life is in danger? Avinash says I don’t care what people think. Ajooni is very simple and I will marry her for sure.

Neeru says I don’t want to eat. They hear guys singing dil walay dulhaniya outside. Rajveer is with his friends. Ajooni and her family come out. Biji says Subhash goes to the police. He says I have a student Manjeet Singh Cheema. He just joined this police station. I will talk to him. He’s very honest.

Scene 3
Manjeet makes criminals who harass women wear bangles and says this will remind you that women aren’t weak. Get out now. Subhash comes there. Subhash tells him a goon is after them. Manjeet asks what happened. Bharat says this is my sister Ajooni. It was her engagement and he came with his goons and called her engagement off.

He said he will marry her. Manjeet says what’s his name? Ajooni says Rajveer. Bharat comes to Rajveer. Rajveer says hello brother, you could call me home why did you come? Manjeet comes with him. He says you wanna be on the horse soon right? I will take you to your in-laws soon. Rajveer sees the police van and smiles.

He says inspector I know my real in-laws. Where is the arrest warrant? Manjeet grabs his collar. His goons shout at him. Manjeet says don’t you dare to come near me. Manjeet says you scare people with guns? Did you break her engagement? He says show me the license of your gun. Manjeet drags him to the van and takes him to the police station.

Biji says that the inspector will tell him a lesson. Neeru says thank God he was Subhash’s student. He is a blessing to us. Subhash says he was very brave since college. Manjeet asks Rajveer to wear bangles.

He says I am a falcon. Manjeet says I know how to cut their wings. Who are you even? Rajveer says Ajooni’s to-be husband. Manjeet says don’t you even dare to take her name. Rajveer says don’t be angry. Manjeet says you will be calm when you’re in jail. Rajveer shows them licenses of all the guns. He says don’t you bring me here the next time.

Manjeet’s phone rings. Rajveer says your dad has called. Pick it. Manjeet locks Rajveer in the jail. He says I will see who stops me. Get out of here. The goon says now Rajveer’s lion Rawinder Singh Bagga will come.


Ajooni 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rawinder comes to Manjeet and says you locked Rajveer. You did an amazing job. Now get my son out. Manjeet says who are you?


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