Ajooni 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ajooni 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ajooni 1st September 2022 Dolly tells Harman that she can’t go to Ajooni’s house, they are poor and cheap. Harman says why did you take my name in front of everyone? Dolly says you asked me to teach her a lesson.

Ravindra comes there and says you people are useless, you tried to kill her and couldn’t even be smart about it. If you want to kill someone then that person shouldn’t know about it, you can’t leave proof behind.

Will you follow me now? Dolly is surprised and says you forgave me? Ravindra says that Ajooni has made our life difficult here so go to her house and put her family in trouble.

Ajooni stands near the window outside the room and asks Rajveer to take his medicine. He nods, she asks him to take it with milk. He smiles and does as she asks. He goes to sleep while Ajooni smiles at him.

Dolly is ready to leave the house, she cries and tells Bebe that house is small, how will I live there? Bebe says you did a mistake so you have to go. Dolly tells Harman that this Ajooni is behind all this. Ravindra asks her to stop crying and leave.

Ravindra and Harvinder bring Dolly to Subhash’s house. All family members are surprised, he asks about Ajooni. Ravindra says do you think I will drop your daughter here? Subhash asks them to come inside. Ravindra says I have a request, I want Dolly to stay here for a month. Subhash asks why?

Ravindra says you teach lessons to people and nurture them well so you have to upbring Dolly. Subhash says but you don’t respect our upbringing. Ravindra says you think my son is a goon and useless but he is a lion for me. He takes care of Ajooni like no other so don’t talk about respect.

Bharat says you called us characterless so why bring your daughter here? Ravindra says Rajveer punished her to stay here for a month, she is a little dumb but if you nurture her then she will become something in life. He asks Dolly to not irritate them and don’t worry about Ajooni, I will take care of her. Subhash is scared.

Ajooni comes to the kitchen and sees small portion of food left, she tries to get her plate but the servant comes there and takes it. Ajooni doesn’t have anything to eat so she drinks water. Rajveer comes there and sees that.

Ravindra tells Rajveer to go and look after his project, you will get a ticket if they see you looking after projects. Rajveer says I will go but I have a condition.. you have to cancel the conditions you put in front of Ajooni.

Ravindra is angry. Rajveer says the minister was impressed with Ajooni so if I get a ticket then Ajooni have played a role in it too. If you don’t accept my condition then I won’t go. Ravindra raises his hand but stops himself. Rajveer calls Ajooni there. Ravindra tells her that your husband keeps pressurizing me so I am freeing you from all the conditions, you can dance around here and no one will say anything.

I call my son a lion but he is a useless man who hides behind his wife. Rajveer says I am going so don’t worry. Ajooni tries to touch his feet but he stops her. Rajveer leaves from there. Harman hears all that.


Ajooni 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ravindra tells the family that Rajveer has to bring a son in this family so we can take him to the mandir for Devi’s pooja, it’s about our honor now as if we don’t have a heir then this honor will be given to some other family. Later on, Ajooni tells Rajveer that we might be living under the same roof but not together, I won’t be able to fulfil your family’s wishes. Rajveer is hurt hearing that.


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