Ajooni 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 23rd September 2022 Harvinder comes to Aman and puts a gun on her. He says you broke my wedding, You thought you can get pregnant and get everything around yourself? This child is my heir and I don’t want it in your womb. Dad is right, I can’t marry Shikha till you’re alive so I will have to kill you. He passes out as he is drunk.

Aman does arti the next morning. Ajooni comes and prays with her. Ajooni prays for peace in their house. Ajooni asks Aman why are you crying? Everyone is with you. Aman says Harvinder isn’t happy. He is mad that his marriage got called off. Ajooni says everything will be fine once this child comes into this world.

Scene 2
Harvinder syas I love you Shikha. She says that’s why you let our marriage break. I wanted to be with you. He says I can do anything for you. She says I was insulted in your house. I was ready to marry you even when you were already married. Now if you wanna marry me you have to leave Aman. Harvinder says I will leave her for you. He says to Aman no one wants to be with you. Go make me a mango shake.

Dolly says to Ajooni can you make a mango shake for me. Aman says I have to make a shake too. Ajooni says you make it first, I will give papa Ji tea till then.

Rawinder says to Aman you have to take care of Aman too. Nothing should happen to her. Aman puts milk in the mixer. Rawinder asks Ajooni to bring his shoes and make him wear them. Ajooni says I am the Laxmi of this house. You can’t make me do this.

Aman gets an electric shock in the kitchen. Ajooni screams. Rajveer picks her. Rawinder asks what happened to her. Ajooni says she got a current. They bring her to the room. Harvinder is talking to Shikha. Rawinder hits him and says see your wife’s condition. she’s pregnant and she got a shock.

He says Rajveer takes his phone and slaps him when he talks to Shikha. He says to Ajooni I told you to take care of Aman. How did this happen? She shouldn’t enter the kitchen. Maid says the doctor is here. Avinash comes in. Rajveer is shocked. Rawinder says to check her. Rajveer leaves in anger. Rawinder says what is happening in this house? What kind of family is this? Rajveer says why did you call this doctor? Dolly says he came last time as well.

Avinash says to Ajooni how can you live in such a house? She says Rajveer is with me. Avinash tells Rawinder nothing looks serious but bring her to the hospital and get her tested. Rajveer says do everything here. Avinash says the test can’t be done here. Rawinder says Ajooni will go, we have to go for a meeting. Rajveer says no I will go too.


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