Ajooni 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 24th August 2022 Subhash tells his wife that he called Ajooni but Rajveer picked the call and said Ajooni is in the kitchen. She didn’t call me back, I am worried. She says Beeji went to meet her and she saw Rajveer cares for her.

The inspector comes to Ravindra’s house and says we have a complaint against you, your daughter-in-law did it and complained that you tried to kill her. Ravindra is angry and calls everyone there. He asks the inspector to ask her directly.

Ajooni is surprised. Rajveer asks what happened? Ravindra says Rajveer is her spokesperson. Rajveer asks what happened? The inspector says she complained against Ravindra that he tried to kill her. Rajveer is shocked and says you did that? You think my family tried to attack you?

Ajooni says I didn’t call anyone. Rajveer checks her phone and finds a call to the police station. He shouts what’s all this? I am sure my family can never try to kill you. You blamed my father for trying to kill you? Ajooni says trust me, I didn’t call for this complaint. The inspector says there must be some misunderstanding,

he leaves from there. Rajveer shouts at Ajooni that I did everything for you and you did this? Ajooni shouts that she didn’t file any complaint, your family must be behind this. Rajveer gets angry and raises his hand but stops him. Ajooni shocked. Dolly smirks and thinks I took my revenge.

Ajooni tells Aman that I didn’t file any complaint, I am sure someone tried to kill me yesterday. Aman asks her to call her family so she could relax. Bebe comes there and says you can call them but you won’t tell them about anything, this is our family matter and you tried to file a complaint? Your punishment is to clean the mandir. Ajooni says I didn’t do anything wrong. Bebe says enough, you will clean the mandir.

Rajveer is sitting with his friends and says I went against my family for her but how can she think that my family tried to kill her? Why would she call the police? His friend takes his phone and calls someone. He says I can use your phone to call someone, same way someone might have used Ajooni’s phone to call the police and blamed her. Rajveer thinks about it.

Scene 2
Ajooni comes to the mandir and starts cleaning it. She is tired and ill but does all the work. Bebe comes there and asks her to clean it with a small brush. Ajooni starts cleaning, Aman tries to help her but Bebe asks her to get lost.

Meher and her friend are in the market when some goons surround them. They tease Meher and says your sister married Rajveer so you can come with me right? Let’s go on a long drive, he grabs her and I like you so you are coming with me. Meher pushes him away and runs from there.

Ajooni goes to get the water, Dolly comes there and makes mandir dirty again. Ajooni comes there and is shocked. She starts cleaning again. Bebe comes there and says this is good, she throws powder on the floor and asks her to clean again. Ajooni starts cleaning again.

Meher is running away from the goons. A man sees them and calls Rajveer. The goon grabs Meher and kidnaps her.

Bebe and Dolly are going to the mandir but Ajooni has locked it, Bebe says what’s this? Ajooni says I have to protect the mandir from evil eyes so I have locked it.

Aman talks to Ajooni and says you are doing good. Ajooni asks about the trophies. Aman says Rajveer got these, he used to play sports before meeting you. Ajooni says all he does fe ight now. Aman says everyone knows that Rajveer doesn’t fight without a reason. Ajooni thinks about it.

The goons are driving away with Meher when Rajveer arrives there. The goon says you have her elder sister so let me enjoy with the younger one. Rajveer gets angry and slaps him/


Ajooni 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer is fighting with the goons, some of them hit him on the head and he gets dizzy. His friends take Meher from there so Rajveer is alone and gets beaten badly.


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