Ajooni 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 25th August 2022 Rajveer beats the goons who tried kidnapping Meher. Meher sees that and is scared. She runs from there. Rajveer asks his friends to take Meher to her room, they all go behind her.

Rajveer is about to leave but a goon hits him with a stick, they all attack him and beat him up badly. Rajveer falls down but he grabs them and beats them all up again. He takes their head goon and leaves from there.

Meher comes home and is shivering in fear. Subhash asks why are you crying? What happened? Meher cries and says I won’t go to college from now on, one guy keeps following me and he talks badly to me.

He says like Rajveer took Ajooni, he will take me away with him. I am scared, we couldn’t stop Rajveer from taking Ajooni so he will take me away too. Rajveer arrives there with the goon and kicks him. Subhash asks what’s going on? Rajveer shows the goon Ranveer to Meher and says he tried to harass you right?

He grabs Ranveer and asks him to apologize to her otherwise I will kill you. Subhash and others are scared. Rajveer asks Meher to slap him. Subhash says enough, you can stop this goon but then another goon will harass us, we are in this condition because of you. You have given us stress only.

Rajveer says I love your daughter and you are my inlaws, I will always protect you guys. Meher is my sister, I would have done the same for Dolly. He tells Meher to call him if she is ever in trouble. Meher nods and cries.

Scene 2
Bebe tells Dolly that Ajooni is smart to fail us everytime but we have to win against her. Dolly tells her a plan. Bebe says it’s a good plan and we can’t fail this time.

Aman comes to Ajooni and asks her to take rest. Ajooni says I won’t be silent till I know who was behind all this. Someone locked me in the room yesterday and called the police. Aman says the are your inlaws so leave it.

Dolly warms up a bowl and says let’s see how strong Ajooni is. Dolly comes to Ajooni and asks her to find a bowl in the kitchen. She says okay.

Buaji cleans up Rajveer’s wounds. Subhash asks him to leave them alone, you played with Ajooni’s life but we don’t want any more drama. Meher says don’t scold him, he saved my life. Rajveer says you are my sister, he tells sorry to Subhash for bringing the goon here. I won’t do this again, don’t worry about Ajooni. He asks Meher to call him if she is in trouble. He leaves from there.

Ajooni is looking for the bowl in the kitchen. Dolly and Aman come there too. Ajooni jumps on the stool and tries to look on the cabinets, the hot bowl is there and she is about to touch it but can’t find it. Dolly thinks where did it go? She tries searching for it and burns her hand by touching it. Aman and Ajooni are confused.

Bebe comes there and says Dolly is a fool, she burned herself? Dolly says this is happening because of Ajooni, she is about to slap her but Ajooni stops her and goes to bring a balm. She finds the pills in the medical box and recalls how Dolly had given her same pills only.

Dolly is scolding Aman for getting her hand burned. Ajooni brings a balm and says you shouldn’t try to hurt others as this is what happens then. She applies a headache balm on her. Dolly says what are you doing? Ajooni says the same way you gave me sleeping pills when I had a headache.

Rajveer comes back home and is injured. He has a headache and sees Ravindra coming there so he hides from there. Ravindra feels someone’s presence and looks around but Rajveer runs from there.

Rajveer comes to his room. Ajooni is shocked to see his state and says this is your hobby? To beat people up? Rajveer faints and falls on her.


Ajooni 26th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni is not waking up so Ajooni calls a doctor. Bebe asks what happened to her? Ajooni says I don’t know. The doctor says we have to admit him as his life is in danger. Ajooni cries hearing that.


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