Ajooni 26th July 2022 Written Episode Update


The episode starts with some people doing laughing therapy. A woman Ajooni’s grandmother Dadiji is in the park and is greeting everyone. She ends her therapy and starts going back on a cycle but a cat passed her.

Another woman says this is a bad omen. Dadiji tells her that it’s nothing, and she asks her friend to come to her house. Her friend says I am going to the priest to talk about granddaughter Kiran’s marriage.

Dadiji asks if she has gone crazy, Kiran is just 20 years old. Her friend says that’s the perfect age for marriage, your Ajooni is over-age as she is 24 years old and unmarried. Dadiji says don’t worry about my Ajooni, she is God’s blessed child.

Ajooni is in Gurudwarah and is reciting recitals. Babaji says you are blessed that’s why you are called Ajooni, you are born to help others. Ajooni says I haven’t done anything extraordinary.

Ajooni’s mother is cooking lunch for her husband. She asks him to bring groceries from work. He says you keep giving me stress, she gives him breakfast. Dadiji asks why is she wasting rice from yesterday? you can cook again and nobody will know. They hear Ajooni’s sister crying while watching a web series. Her mother says stop watching all this.

Ajooni and her friend are in the market when some goons surround her. They argue over who will take Ajooni. She asks them to do arm-wrestling and whoever will win will get Ajooni. One goon wins over the other and says the girl is mine. Ajooni ties rakhi to him and says you are strong so you are my brother now. Other goons laugh at him. Ajooni leaves with her friend.

Ajooni comes back home, she asks what did they cook? Dadi says we have cooked Srilankan rice. Ajooni tastes it and says this is not fresh but it’s delicious. Her mother says your fiance Avinash called and he wants to meet you.

Why did you both get late? Her friend says a goon was teasing her but she tied a rakhi to him. Her mother says to be careful, these men can’t be trusted. These people can beat anyone and have no respect for women. Ajooni says don’t worry, I will go and meet Avinash in the hospital.

Scene 2
The hero is introduced, he is flying a kite when he loses it in the air. He starts running behind it and catches it in time. Another man says this is my kite but the hero pushes him away and says don’t mess with me.

The man tries to run away but the hero beats him. he takes out his gun and says I respect women but I won’t allow goons like you to mess with me. The man says you are a lion in your area only. The hero says I am Rajveer Bagga and you will remember this name. He asks his men to take him to the hospital.

Avinash is a doctor, he is in his clinic when Rajveer and his goons bring the injured man there. Avinash says this is a police case, he was beaten.

Rajveer says he just fell down so just treat him. Avinash says okay and starts treating him. Ajooni arrives at the hospital. She enters the hospital as Rajveer leaves from there. Ajooni meets Avinash and asks if he called her? He says yes, I wanted to talk to you.

Outside the hospital, a baba meets Rajveer and says your life is about to change. Rajveer says I don’t care. Baba says the air is showing love in your life. That air will change your life. Ajooni comes outside the hospital and is about to see Rajveer.

PRECAP – Ajooni is on the call with Avinash and says you scared me, Avinash says I don’t want anyone to cast an evil eye on us. Ajooni says no one can come between us now. She trips and is about to fall but Rajveer holds her in time. They both see each other for the first time.


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