Ajooni 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 26th September 2022 Ajooni is holding Avinash’s hand, Rajveer sees that so she leaves his hand. Ajooni asks about Aman. He says she is undergoing a treatment. Avi leaves from there. Ajooni asks Rajveer how is Aman?

Rajveer glares at her and says you don’t dare so don’t pretend, if you cared then you shouldn’t have left her. Ajooni says I went to fill the form. Rajveer says Aman is innocent so I trusted you to take care of her but you left her alone, she got stuck in a lift but you wanted to spend time with your friend. Ajooni says no..

Rajveer says my mistake that I trusted you. You used Aman to meet up with that doctor. Ajooni says don’t say that. Rajveer asks why didn’t you tell me that this doctor came to our house before also? I am not a fool.

The doctor comes there and says we are trying, he asks Rajveer to bring some medicines. Rajveer tells Ajooni that Aman is in this condition because of you. Don’t you even move from here till I come back, he leaves from there. Ajooni is hurt and cries.

Bebe comes back home and is excited about her heir. She asks Dolly to call Aman. Dolly says Aman went to the hospital. The servant says she got shocked by electricity that’s why they took her to the hospital. Bebe asks Dolly how did this happen? Dolly says Ajooni is behind all this, she went to the hospital with her.

Bebe asks her to call Ravindra. She calls him and asks where is Aman? You couldn’t take care of her? Ravindra says she fainted in the lift so now the doctor is treating her. Bebe asks where is Ajooni? Ravindra says that girl is useless. He ends the call. Harvinder and Shikha are hiding in the hospital. She tells him to not take anyone’s call. Harvinder says you are smart, we will soon take care of Aman.

Ravindra comes to Ajooni and asks how could you leave Aman alone? Ajooni says only patients could enter the lift. Ravindra says you are useless, I forgave you and even slapped my wife for you but you are a bad omen for us. You left Aman when she needed you, I won’t spare you if anything happens to Aman’s baby. Ajooni cries hearing that.

Scene 2
Dolly tells Harman that I wanted to hurt Ajooni only but Aman got inbetween. Harman says our target is Ajooni but you are a fool.

Ravindra talks to the doctors, Avinash says I think someone deliberately did this with Aman. The head doctor says it was good Ajooni and Rajveer saved Aman just in time. Ajooni opened the lift before anything could happen to Aman. Ravindra says sorry to Ajooni and says you saved her life so that’s good. All look on.

Aman wakes up, Ajooni and Avinash come to her. Aman is crying so Ajooni asks what happened? Avi says she was never pregnant. Ajooni is shocked and asks why did you lie? Aman says I had no choice, I couldn’t let my husband marry someone else, I did what I could. Avinash says we can’t hide this anymore. Aman says do something otherwise I will end my life.

Bebe prays to Mata Rani for their heir, she says don’t take this blessing from us, please protect Aman.

Avinash tells Ravindra that we couldn’t save the baby. Ravindra shouts how can you say that? Rajveer says you had to save the baby. Avinash says we couldn’t save the baby as Aman had to be saved first. Ravindra says this Ajooni is responsible for this. Avinash says she had a trauma too so don’t blame Ajooni. Rajveer looks on.


Ajooni 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajveer hears Ajooni telling Avinash that this secret will remain between us only, just forget what happened and don’t tell anyone. Rajveer is shocked to hear that.


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