Ajooni 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ajooni 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ajooni 2nd September 2022 Harman is scolding a servant and says you are useless, you are pretending to be hurt so you don’t have to work. The servant says I fell down and my hand hurt. Harman grabs her hand and twists it, the servant cries in pain. Ajooni comes there and asks what are you doing?

Harman says don’t interfere, I will set her straight, she has to wash the curtains. Ajooni says don’t hurt her, I will wash the curtains. Harman says no no.. you will call the police later on that I am abusing you.

She starts hurting the servant again but Ajooni says don’t do that, I will wash the curtains. She leaves from there. The servant tells Harman you shouldn’t have twisted my hand so tightly, I have put glass on the curtains so it will be difficult for her.

Dolly is at Ajooni’s house. Beeji asks her to not worry, you can share the room with Meher. Dolly says I won’t share my room with anyone, I want my own room. Buaji says this is not a hotel, you can stay in the lounge if you want. All smirk at Bua taking her class. Bua gives her water but Dolly breaks the glass, she asks Meher to show her the room. She goes with her.

Ajooni starts washing the curtains but her hand gets cut because of the glass pieces. She screams in pain.

Harman cleans up Ajooni’s hand and scolds the servant to putting the curtains with the glass pieces. Harman asks the servant to go and put the spices out for drying. The servant says my hand is hurt. Aman says I can do it but Harvinder comes there and asks her to bring tea. Ajooni says I will dry spices.

Ajooni is trying work with the spices. Her hand wounds are irritating her but she keeps doing the work under direct sunlight. Rajveer comes there and puts umbrella over her. She smiles at him and asks if he didn’t go?

Rajveer says I will do my work, he asks his friend to bring a fan there. Ajooni stares at him. Rajveer says anything for oyu. They both share an eyelock but Ajooni gets shy and looks away. Tu mera humdard hai plays.

Guruji arrives at Rajveer’s house. He tells Ravindra that we arranging the pooja for Mata Rani and your family does chandan with your new generation every time. If you don’t have a heir by that time then your family will lose this honor. Ravindra says don’t worry, Rajveer’s wife will bless us with our heir now. He tells Rajveer that our honor is in your hand now. Ajooni and Rajveer are shocked. Guruji leaves from there.

Rajveer is in the room and cleaning up his wounds. Ajooni comes there and helps him, she applies ointments on his wounds while he is mesmerized by her.

Dolly is feeling hot and tells Meher to change the places on the bed. Meher argues with her but Beeji comes there and asks them not to fight. They both lie in the bed.

Ajooni tells Rajveer to sleep on the bed tonight. Rajveer asks if she is taking her family’s words seriously? Ajooni says you are not well that’s why I am asking you. I just want to clarify that I can’t fulfill your family’s wish. You should tell them.

I will sleep on the floor. Rajveer says I might not be educated like you but I do understand feelings of others, I have shame when it comes to heart. I will sleep on the floor. He locks the door so Ajooni gets tensed. Rajveer says don’t panic, I locked it as otherwise anyone can see me sleeping on the floor. Ajooni sleeps on the bed while he sleeps on the floor.


Ajooni 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni is trying to wake Rajveer up but he asks her to go away, she asks him to put his mattress away after waking up. Bebe is coming there and sees Rajveer sleeping on the floor.


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