Ajooni 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ajooni 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ajooni 30th September 2022 Dolly comes to Harman and is excited, she tells her that our plan has started working, Rajveer is angry at Ajooni. I just saw him not helping Ajooni when she felt dizzy, I held her but Rajveer didn’t care at all. Harman smirks and says our plan is in full swing, we just have to wait for its effects. They both laugh.

Dolly and Harman come to the family. Dolly says Ajooni is awake now, we should call a doctor. Bebe says she is just doing drama, I would rather her die. Ravindra says she is our daughter-in-law. Harman says let’s call Avinash. Rajveer shouts if there is no other doctor available? Ravindra says he saved Aman’s life, Rajveer says don’t call him.

Shikha calls Harvinder, he says I will talk to you later on. Shikha cries and says why did you trap me? I will die without you, I love you so much. Harvinder says I am yours but I have a high fever so I can’t come to meet you. Shikha says you just want me to die, she cries and ends the call. Shikha smirks and tells her father that he will come at any cost. Her father says I am not that sure. Shikha says just trust your daughter.

Another doctor checks Ajooni, he gives her an injection and leaves. Harman goes with the doctor and asks if he did her work? He says yes, the injection will start affecting her in some time. Harman gives him bribe money and asks him to levae.

After sometime, Ajooni starts trashing around. Dolly and Rajveer rush to her. Harman says she is not well, she is shaking so bad. Ravindra says that doctor was useless so call Avinash. Rajveer glares at Dolly. Dolly goes and calls him.

Avinash arrives at Rajveer’s house. Rajveer glares at him but takes him to Ajooni. Dolly and Harman look on. Harman says once Ajooni becomes fine then Rajveer will take out his anger on her.

Avinash starts treating Ajooni and gives her an injection. She calms down after that. Avinash checks her fever while Rajveer glares at him. He tells the family that she had some reaction but she is okay now. Ravindra says you are a good doctor. Avinash says I will leave now. Ravindra says no, you will stay here till she becomes stable. Rajveer angrily leaves.

Harman comes to Rajveer and asks why are you sitting alone? Rajveer says leave me alone. Harman says this doctor was Ajooni’s fiance right? I know what you are going through. I have seen Ajooni talking on the phone many times. Rajveer says I won’t spare that doctor today. Harman says you don’t have any proof. Don’t let Ajooni know that you know about her affair, we will catch her on the right time and then you can do what you want with her.

Avinash talks to Ajooni as she wakes up. He asks Aman to take care of her. Dolly sees them and thinks he is useful for us.

Someone messages Ajooni that I know Aman was not pregnant. I also know you and Avinash hid this truth. Ajooni messages who are you? Dolly sees that and smirks.

Rajveer breaks things around on the roof. Harman comes there and stops him. She says Ajooni doesn’t deserve you, she gets happy around Avinash but doesn’t even smile at you. I think love should be from both the sides. Her real love is Avinash. Rajveer says if that’s the case then I won’t spare her.


Ajooni 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ajooni cries and tells Rajveer there is nothing between me and Avinash. Please trust me. Rajveer puts a gun on her and shouts I loved you and still do but I can’t trust you anymore. Ajooni is shocked.


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