Ajooni 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 3rd August 2022 Rawinder says to Rajveer we are politicians, we get publicity by going to jail but it can get into defamation soon. I’ve seen many dreams for you. What did you do that you ended up in jail? His friend says it’s love. Rawinder says what? My son has grown up Mangay. Get him more secuirty.

Get good food made. He says about girls.. they are either in our pocket or under your show. Once you’re done with them come to me I will get you married to a very rich and nice girl. Like my mom got me married to your mom. I hope you understnad. He says in heart sorry papa ji I don’t think like you. Girl’s place is in our hearts where they are safe and respected.

Scene 2
Ajooni tries to call Avinash. Neeru says we should call his family. Subhash says how will we talk to them? Biji says we have to take the first step. She says Bharat call Avinash’s dad. I will talk to him. Avinash and his dad come in.

They say you don’t need to call. We have to talk to you. Subhash says please listen. He says I am sorry about what happened. Ajooni doesn’t even know him. Avinash’s dad says he’s a goon. He came with a gun and he pointed it at Avinash. Subhash says I understand and I will be okay with your decision. Avinash says I have decided.

If someone comes with a gun I won’t be scared. I am stadning at the same point. I will marry Ajooni. His dad says to Subhash we are one family. We are with you. Subhash hugs him. Avinash says we will get engaged at the same place after 6 days. Subhash says thank you. Neeru brings tea.

Rajveer’s boys sing dil walay dulhaniya outside. Everyone is scared. Avinash says who is singing? Subhas comes outside. They’re dancing outside. Rajveer is also there. Avinash says okay uncle we are leaving.

He sees Ajooni is Rajveer’s written his car. Avinash shout what is this drama? Rajveer says you can’t read doctor sahab? I was gonna come to you but you came to me. We will get engaged after 6 days. He says to Avinash’s dad you look experienced. Ask your son to stay away from Ajooni. Total time waste.

He says Ajooni will get engaged to me. Avinash is about to hit him. His dad stops him. Rajveer says go now. Avinash leaves. Rajveer says to Subhas accept it, Ajooni will get married to me only. Get ready for the engagement. I will handle everything. He says see you all kin 6 days. They all go inside.

Subhas calls Manjeet. Manjeet tells him everything. He says he is the owner of Sugar mills, they’re political goons. I was ordered to let him go. I am sorry sir. But give me time I will find a way to arrest him. Subhash thanks him.

Scene 3
Biji says to Subhash you should go to work. Ajooni gets newspaper. A card falls from it. It’s her wedding card with Rajveer. Subhas sees it. He says what is this shamelessness. That goon has crossed all the limits. Ajooni goes out in anger. She tears the card and throws it in his face.

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