Ajooni 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


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Ajooni 5th September 2022 Rajveer’s friends tell him to woo Ajooni, he should take her on a honeymoon.

Dolly is playing songs loudly at Subhash’s house. Buaji stops her, Subhash says you have to behave if you want to live here otherwise you can go back to your father’s house. Ravindra comes there and glares at her.

Some guests arrive at Bebe’s house. Ajooni comes there so the woman tries to bless her but Harman stops her and says she doesn’t keep her husband happy, she doesn’t deserve any jewelry. Ajooni is hurt. Harman says till she makes Rajveer happy and gives us a heir, we will not honor her like a married woman. Ajooni is hurt and leaves from there.

Ravindra tells Subhash that if she misbehaves then you can even slap her. Dolly cries so Ravindra hugs her and says it’s okay. He says I have brought some items for Dolly. His men bring an AC there, he tells Subhash that this is a gift for taking care of my daughter. If you want me to pay the bill then tell me.

Subhash says if you want her to learn manners then you shouldn’t spoil her like this, just take this AC away. Ravindra says you give good speeches, you should write political speeches for me. He asks him to keep the AC. He greets Beeji and leaves from there.

Rajveer comes back home and sees Ajooni crying. He says I was going out but I am not feeling well so will you come with me? Ajooni says I will get ready. Rajveer gets happy.

Rajveer brings Ajooni to a restuarant. Ajooni says why are we here? Rajveer tries to hold her hand but she jerks it away. Rajveer says we are here so don’t be angry, let’s just have dinner. He asks for a table from the waiter and tries to talk in English but can’t so Ajooni laughs at him. They both sit at a table.

Thora thora pyar plays, Rajveer keeps smiling at her and tries to understand the menu but can’t. Rajveer says I don’t like chinese so you can order anything you want. Ajooni looks at the menu. She says we should order soup as a starter, he says anything for you. He looks at the ring and thinks I got this for her but couldn’t give it before. Ajooni’s friend Rahul arrives there and greets her.

She shakes hand with him and says this is a surprise. Rahul says you didn’t even tell me that you got married. Ajooni laughs with him but Rajveer gets angry and pushes him away. Ajooni asks Rajveer stop it, he is my college friend.

Rajveer grabs Rahul and says don’t you dare touch my wife, get lost. Rahul leaves from there. Rajveer tells Ajooni to sit down and order but she glares at him. She takes her purse and leaves from there. Rajveer looks at the ring and is sad.

Ajooni and Rajveer come back home. Rajveer grabs Ajooni but she pushes him away and says what are you doing? Rajveer shouts that you can allow your friend to touch you but you can’t allow your husband to touch you? Why can’t I touch you? Ajooni says it’s good to know what you are thinking.

He touched me innocently without melicious intent. When you helped Meher, I thought you are a good person and different from your family but today you proved you are just like your family. Rajveer gets angry and raises his hand but stops himself. He says why do you have to shake hands with your friend?

You can talk to him without touching also. If it was someone else then he wouldn’t bear it. I can’t bear someone touching my wife. If I try to touch you with love then you push me away like an animal, why? We got married so don’t I have some right? I didn’t feel bad that you shook his hand but when he held your hand, you didn’t even try to jerk your hand away like you do with me. It hurt me, he leaves from there. Ajooni cries.


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