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Ajooni 6th September 2022 The maid says to Rajveer mummy ji asked me to give your food in the room. He says to give it to Ajooni. Harman says looks like they’ve fought. Ii has to make Rajiv hate her. Meher asks Dolly to lower AC. She doesn’t listen.

Meher says don’t you understand? I feel cold. Dolly says you’re not used to it. Meher says to turn it off. She says it’s my AC. Meher says it’s my room. She turns it off. Dolly turns it on. Meher turns it off. They keep fighting, the light goes off.

Rajveer comes donwstairs. Harvinder says did your wife make you sleep on the roof? Rawinder says he’s under his wife’s feet. Come and have breakfast. Harman says you’ve not eaten anything since last night.

Please eat. Rawinder throws the cup and says what kind of tea is it. Harman asks Ajooni to clean it. He says okay I will clean it myself. Ajooni cleans it. Rawinder says I think I will have three DILs. Harvinder will have a new wife but I fear what if your second wife also makes you sleep on the roof?

Rajveer says send my food to the room. Rawinder says are we your servants? He leaves. Harman says can’t we do anything about Rajveer? Rawinder says I will have to do something. You’re useless. I want to throw this tea on you, it’s so bad again.

Aman says you feel bad that Rajveer didn’t take a stand for you right? He loves you a lot. He cares for you. Don’t be so stubborn.

You will lose it. It’s a wife’s duty to serve her husband. Ajooni says so due to their taunts I should give my everything to a man who ruined my life? Aman says to try to forget it. He cares for you, he does everything for you. I can’t be a mother but if you stay stubborn they will get Harvinder married to another woman. Where will I go?

Scene 2
Meher looks for her important notebook. She says I kept it here. Dolly smirks. She says it’s my friend’s. I have to return it. Bua says let’s check in Bharat’s room. Dolly says Meher did you find your notebook? Is it this one?

Meher says yes this is the one. Dolly spills the tea on it. Meher screams. She says leave my house. Biji comes. Meher says I won’t let her live here. Dolly says I made a mistake. Biji takes Meher to her room.

Ajooni cooks. Harman asks Aman to clean the table. She asks her to wash the temple things. Ajooni says I should cook first. Harman says it’s okay clean these first. She asks her to wash them in the washroom. The maid turns on the geyser. She tells Harman she did the job. Harman says see what I do now.

Ajooni comes to the washroom and starts washing the dishes. She says these people are wrong. I won’t give up. The maid says the geyser shouldn’t have blasted by now. The geyser starts sparking. Ajooni feels like she left the gas on. She comes back to the kitchen. Ajooni says I came at the right time. The maid comes to the washroom to check. The geyser burns. The maid screams. Ajooni runs upstairs.

Chanko fainted. Ajooni picks her. She turns off the geyser. They’re shocked to see her burned. Harman comes in. Ajooni says we have to call a doctor. She’s badly burned. The doctor checks Chanko. He says she’s fine.

It’s not very deep burns. Ajooni says Chanko you rest, I will get you food. Chanko says no bhabhi. She says if I had burned, you would have taken care of me too right? I will get you food and medicine. Harman comes to Chanko and asks if she told Ajooni anything. She says I didn’t. Harman says if you tell her anything I will kill you. Ajooni comes in. She asks what happened. Harman says nothing.

Who are you to question me? Ajooni says how did it happen? Harman says you’re the curse in this house. Ajooni says yes I am a curse, things happen around me themselves. I don’t know who is doing all this. Harman says are you accusing me? Ajooni says no. I will find the answer with proof.

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