Ajooni 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ajooni 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ajooni 7th September 2022 Subhash teaches Dolly and Meher. He says to Dolly what are you eating during the class? Spit it out. She says or what? What can you do? You can’t touch me. Meher says papa is teaching us. She says it’s all so boring. You study on my dad’s money. Meher says I will teach her a lesson.

Rajveer comes home. He asks Ajooni are you okay? Thank God you’re fine. Rawinder says you turned on the geyser? Rawinder says you’ve gone against all of us for this girl who keeps creating problems.

Rajveer says what are you trying to say? Rawinder says for this girl you went against us and married her. You left politics, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know you have no married life with her either. Are you even a man? I will od what to do. He says Harvinder, you will get this family an heir.

Your brother only dances around his wife. I will get Harvinder married again. Ajooni says papa ji.. He says I’ve given word to somoene. If you care for Aman why don’t you give us an heir? We will all be happy. I know you won’t do that. Harvinder will get married. He leaves.

Scene 2
Meher sees Dolly sleeping. She sticks bubble gum in her hair. Bua sees her. dolly sees the bubble gum when she wakes up. She screams and says you all did this. Dolly comes to her home screaming. She says where is papa? Harman says tell me what happened? She says Ajooni’s family stuck this bubble in my hair.

Harman calls Ajooni. She says see what your family did to my daughter. Ajooni says they can never do that. Harman slaps Ajooni. Dolly says your sister did it. Harman says they did it so my daughter has to cut her hair and she looks ugly. I will cut your hair. She asks chanko to get scissors. Chanko says but.. Harman says bring it before I shave your head.

Chanko brings the wife. Harman tries to cut Ajooni’s hair. Ajooni says there must be some misunderstanding. Please don’t do this. Bharat comes in and says what are you doing. Stop it. I know what happened was wrong.

Bebe says your sister has to pay for the mistake of your family. He says if she cleans her hair with peanut butter it will be removed. Bebe says we saw what you did with our family. Harman says we can also give your sister a wig after cutting her hair. I will cut her hair. she tries to cut Ajooni’s hair.

Rawinder comes in. He says what’s happening here? You wanna open a salon? Harman says her family stuck a bubble in Dolly’s hair. He says already Rajveer can’t come close to her and now you will cut her hair? Will they give us heir that way? He asks Bharat what is it. He says peanut butter, cleans bubbles. Rawinder asks Ajooni to wash Dolly’s hair with it.

Ajooni cleans Dolly’s hair. Dolly says I won’t let your sister go. I will make her life hell. Ajooni says play your games. Right people win in the end. Clean your heart like your hair. Dolly says see what I do with your family now.


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