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Ajooni 8th September 2022 Rawinder says the bubble is gone. He asks Bharat your peanut butter was good. What are you doing? Bharat says I did MBA, looking for a job. Rawinder says you got the job.

Ajooni and Bharat are shocked. Rawinder says I am sending my daughter to your house to teach her, so you can take this job as a reward. Dolly says I don’t wanna go there. Rawinder says you have to. Bring tea for him. He says master Ji will be very happy today. He says people who are supported by Bagga are well respected here. Dolly asks Chanko to make tea. Harman coems.

Dolly says why did dad do this. No one cares for me. Harman says I wanted to teach her a lesson. Dolly says I have an idea to teach that Ajooni and lesson. They discuss a plan. Harman says what if someone asks how did the oil come out? Dolly says we will say we were out. They come out. Rawinder asks Dolly to go with Bharat.

Scene 2
Dolly comes back to their house. Biji says you left alone, I was so worried. Dolly says what drama. I had no other option. My dad is doing all this. Bharat says what happened was wrong. I am sorry on everyone’s behalf. Please forget it. Harman asks Aman and Ajooni to make kheer poori. Ajooni says I will make th poori.

Ajooni starts frying the poori. The oil is splashing a lot. A water bowl falls in the oil. Ajooni turns back. Her back hurts. Harman says you can’t do anything right. Rajveer says are you okay? Harman says did your parents not teach you anything? You’re so useless. Rajveer says she’s hurting. She’s burned. She says you can’t see what she’s doing to your parents.

Ajooni cries in her room. Rajveer brings first aid. She says go from here. He says but.. Ajooni says go from here. He says I won’t. I will apply for medicine. He asks her to sit. Rajveer applies for medicine on her bruise. Aman comes.

She asks Ajooni if she’s okay. She says yes. Harman asks Chanko to clean the kitchen. She says this Ajooni gets saved every time. A postman comes and says are you Chanko? There’s a letter for you. He reads, your sister Kamla is back. She was burned. You should come and see her. Chanko says God is punishing me for being bad to Ajooni.

Ajooni tells Aman what happened. She says there was water first and then a potato fell in the oil. Harveer says what are you teaching this Aman? How to rule your husband? Nothing will work now. I will get married. I will get rid of this Aman. Aman says don’t do thtis. We can go to the doctor.

He drags her and says you will tell me what to do? Ajooni says what are you doing? She’s your wife. He says yes she’s my wife, I can do whatever I want. He shoves her. Ajooni picks her. Harveer says to stay away from her. Ajooni says or what?

You will hit me? Do you think it’s manliness? You can’t give birth to a child and blame her? The problem could be with you too. Harveer is about to slap her. Rajveer grabs his hand and says stay away. Don’t you dare to touch my wife? Harveer says you can’t touch your own wife either. Harveer leaves. Rajveer asks Ajooni to rest.

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