Ajooni 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Ajooni 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Ajooni 9th September 2022 Ajooni is sleeping in the room when the servant comes there and apologizes to her. Ajooni asks Champa what is she talking about? Champa says I turned on the geezer deliberately so that you will get burned.

Ajooni asks why did you do it? Champa says someone made me do it, if Harman gets to know about it then I am gone.

Ajooni is shocked and says she was behind all this? Champa says you were always nice to me, I tried to hurt you and my karma is that my sister got burned in the village. You got saved till now but these people will kill you so go away with Rajveer. Ajooni asks her if she will confess in front of the family?

Rajveer comes to the kitchen and starts investigating. Harman hides and is scared. Rajveer says there is no water leakage here so how did it blast?

Harvinder tells Ravindra that Rajveer will become useless because of his wife. Rajveer comes there, Ravindra says he has become a monkey who dances when his wife wants him to. Rajveer asks them to stop it. Harvinder asks him to go and hide behind his wife. Rajveer says I will raise my hand if you don’t stop.

Ravindra says you can hit me too. Rajveer says Harvinder raised his hand on my wife for the 2nd time which I can’t bear. Ravindra says you should put her in place. Rajveer says I love her and even if she does a mistake, I will never raise my hand on her.

Champa cries and tells Ajooni that I can’t confess in front of them. Ajooni says you know they will kill me if I don’t expose them, wouldn’t you help me in this position? If you don’t speak up then I won’t be alive for long. Champa says okay, just forgive me and I will confess as you want.

Bebe tells Rajveer that you should apologize to your mother and brother. Rajveer says I can apologize to my mother but I won’t apologize to Harvinder. He is about to say sorry to Harman but Ajooni comes there. She says she can scold me as my mother in law but who gave her a right to try to kill me?

Bebe asks her to shut up. Ajooni says I can prove that she has been trying to hurt and kill me in the last few days. Rajveer is shocked. Ajooni says she was behind the geezer blast also. Harman says I was not even there, it was a coincidene. Ajooni says there can’t be so many coincidences in a short time.

Harman says this girl is putting blame on me for no reason? She tells Ravindra says I didn’t do anything, why would I try to kill my daughter in law. She tells Rajveer that I am innocent. Ravindra gets up and slaps her hard. All are shocked. Harman cries, Ravindra asks why are you crying to prove your innocence?

Ajooni says don’t hurt her. Harman asks her to shut up, you are responsible for my insult. Bebe asks Ajooni to prove her claims. Ajooni says there was water on the shelf which was falling over the stove.

Rajveer says I checked it and says there was no water leakage there. Ravindra tells Ajooni that she will be punished for lying. You have to prove yourself right. Ajooni says I have a witness who helped Harman. bebe asks who is that? Ajooni calls Champa there. Rajveer asks her to tell the truth without being scared. Champa says Harman.. she says I can’t lie Ajooni, I don’t want your money.

Ajooni is shocked and asks what are you talking about? Champa tells Bebe that I can’t lie to you, my sister got burned in the village and I needed money so Ajooni offered me that if I give a fake statement against Harman. Ajooni tells Rajveer that she is lying, she told me all this and now she has changed her statement, you trust me Rajveer, right? Rajveer looks on.


Ajooni 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Harman makes Ajooni wash her feet as a punishment. She asks Ajooni to drink that water, Ajooni says I have washed your feet but I won’t lose my self-respect like this. Rajveer stops her and says I will take a decision. He takes the dirty water and drinks it for Ajooni. She is shocked.


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