Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 11th September 2020 Birbal talking to the elephant’s caretaker. The caretaker tells Birbal that the wall fells over elephant, it was injured and thus crying. Birbal tells Lal Langot that this was wrong in the matter, lets go and investigate the wall. Lal Langot was afraid of being caught, but Birbal says they are already caught and must solve Akbar’s problem.

Lal Langot asks a man about Nandu. The man tells the matter to Lal Langot. In the restaurant, Lal Langot tells the matter to Birbal. Birbal understands they must meet DholuMal now. Lal Langot notices Birbal likes Paratha with spiced potato. Birbal wonders what if they stuff this spiced potato inside a paratha; he can foresee that people will call this aalu paratha in future. Akbar’s enemy reaches the restaurant. Birbal recognizes him as the one who came with Gopal Nath. He wonders why he is so changed today; his dress is all different from yesterday. Lal Langot takes his attention towards food. The man finishes eating and goes to pay. The letter falls from his pocket with message. The man runs towards Birbal and snatches it from him. Birbal says he already told his friend this belongs to him, he did not agree.

Later, Birbal thinks what is happening. He tries to guess the riddle. DholuMal comes to invite Birbal inside for food, and requests him to save their king; he is the Light of Koh-i-noor. Birbal decides he first needs to meet Gopal Nath. Gopal Nath was insistent that they were five men but Birbal says they were six. Gopal Nath recalls that there was a stranger as well, but they thought he also had a problem.

In the palace, the stranger takes charge on one of the security minaret when the security men were being changed.
Birbal had decoded the riddle and understood Akbar’s life was in danger.

The stranger now loaded his arrow in the bow, ready to strike. Akbar reaches the court and begins his speech for his people. Birbal runs towards the palace. Akbar promises to his subjects about his justice. He says Mughal Sultanate has a history of providing justice, no matter he has to par-stake his life for it. Birbal reaches the court and announces ‘Snake’. All of a sudden, people hurries here and there. The striker takes the aim of Akbar, Birbal tosses a cover to protect him. Birbal runs towards Akbar and moves him aside.

The stranger runs from the minaret but Birbal gets him in the corridor. He was finally caught with the help of palace security. In the dark of evening, Akbar speaks in front of the captive that he does not know who his enemy is. He didn’t even know Birbal, his savior a few days ago. He orders Vijay to call the security incharge of minaret. Vijay says the three men had fled. Birbal qualifies this means they are all involved with the enemy, and Akbar’s security is weak. Sheikhu interferes and inquires about the snake. Birbal says he wanted to create distraction in the crowd. Sheikhu understands that the snake he mentioned in the forest during hunting must also be fake. They then ask Birbal how he found out that Akbar’s life was in danger. Birbal says he had seen this man in Gopal Nath’s group, when he came to the restaurant in a changed attire and left a message there… Akbar inquires what was the message. Birbal says it was a riddle; he decoded it as minaret of palace and koh-i-noor of palace as Akbar and connected the marks.
Birbal now inquires who sent him. The captive says Hukm. Sheikhu takes Hukm, as order. The captive says they get orders only, not people. Akbar decides to implement methods which will remind him everything. The captive begins to cough and demands a glass of water. His hands were untied. He looks for a ring in his hand. Birbal says he had already taken the ring. Sheikhu demands if Birbal was in a hurry of gift. Birbal says whenever such men on mission fails, they arrange the mode of their death. There is poison inside the ring. Sheikhu says why carry poison, he could have jumped off the third floor and died anyway. The captive got the idea and jumped off the gallery. Akbar asks Birbal what to be done now. Birbal says they must reach Hukm before he reaches Akbar. Sheikhu reminds Akbar of his leg amputation. Akbar requests Birbal to solve this matter as well.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Birbal questions the man who constructed the weak wall. The man reaches the court, but was unable to handle his dress properly. Later, Birbal tells Gopal Nath to prove Akbar is the culprit in his matter, Akbar will amputate both his legs.


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