Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 25th September 2020 episode starts with Akbar in his room. Maharani and Vijay come there. Maharani tells him not to worry much. Akbar says he is only restless because of backpain. Sheikhu brings a bowl of blue kheer. He tells Akbar if he already takes a little dose of poison, the snake’s bite will not affect him. A daasi comes to call everyone for dinner as Tara Bai has served the food. Trilokma presents the bowl. Akbar smells the food and complementing the smell, he picks a handful boasting that he will eat it all on his own. They were all startled to see the snake in his hand. Maharani finally speaks up that it is a snake. The game of tossing begins. The snake bites on Maharani’s neck. Akbar calls for the doctor.

Maharani lay unconscious in bed. The Daadi tells Akbar he has plucked out the poison from body. It will take her some time to recover. Maharani was conscious as Daasi points towards her age nearing forty, Maharani corrects she is thirty two. A letter comes rolling in the room. Vijay reads, ‘Akbar! I am happy that your were safe and I was protected from becoming a widow again. You won’t get such chances again.’ Birbal says this shows Naagin is unable to enter the vicinity of palace because of strict security. Trilokma says this also shows there is someone from the palace involved with the Naagin. Vijay blames Tara Bai. He saw Tara Bai with the bowl of milk in the garden. Akbar was angry at Vijay and says she can never plan against his life. Maharani questions what is their relation? Birbal replies it’s a relation of trust, which exist between a king and his subjects. Vijay again blames that Tara Bai deliberately kept the snake in the pot of food. Birbal breaks an expensive decoration in Vijay’s feet, then blames him for breaking it. Vijay says it broke because Birbal had thrown it. Birbal explains the point that may be Tara Bai had brought the pot, but someone else might have placed the snake there. So, the one who can only see the seen has limited scope of thinking. One must learn to see beyond seen. Akbar was appreciative of Birbal. Maharani says this is just a possibility, what if Tara Bai is actually behind this. Birbal requests them a time of four days to clarify the matter. Akbar was happily ready to lend him four to five years. Vijay says if unproven, they will punish Tara Bai severely.

Sheikhu had left to deal with Naagin. He was in the forest when he hears the anklet. Naagin appears from behind and says he got the persona of Maharaj. It seems he is the son of Akbar. Sheikhu does not recognize the Naagin in veil and discusses he wants to kill the Naagin who bite his mother. Naagin repeats her signature line, of power. She pulls her veil off. Sheikhu was terrified and finds an escape. Naagin shouts that no one can stop her marrying Akbar.

The next morning, Naagin comes to take water from a man near the well. The man was terrified and fall into the well. Two other men were also terrified. The court’s announcer was not terrified by Naagin. The man shouts to instead terrify Naagin.

Sheikhu brings two men holding iron shoes for Akbar. He tells Akbar he got these shoes so that he is protected from snake’s bite. Akbar was angry that snake can even bite on his hand. Maharani comes there annoyed that Akbar does not care for any of them. Akbar was finally ready to wear the shoes.

In the court, everyone hears the heavy boot tapping as Akbar walks to the court. He steps over the announcer’s foot who screams in pain. Akbar struggles to his seat. Vijay announces a few religious migrants in the court. The migrants had come to invite Akbar, like each year. Their Guru ji fast each year for eleven days, and Akbar comes to break it on the last day. Maharani offers to send a cart and they can bring their Guru here. Akbar announces that no fear can stop him from performing his duties. He will surely arrive to break Guru’s fast like every year. He must better die than being prohibited to perform his responsibilities towards the subjects. Birbal was tensed how this will be possible. Akbar gives the responsibility to Birbal. Birbal agrees, but requests to keep his plan hidden. He clarifies to Maharani if you have to hide something from foes, do not share it with friends as well.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 28th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Birbal tells Guru ji that a Naagin is behind Akbar, so they have arranged to bring him here secretively. Guru ji says a Naagin can not enter this pure house. Naagin terrifies Akbar of death. Akbar decides to marry Naagin.


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