Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update


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Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 2nd September 2020 Ridhima dancing in the room. A maid comes to Maharani. Both Tara Bai and Maharani replies at once. Ridhima saves her saying it was she. The maid says Maharaj is coming to the room. Maharaj comes to the room; he tries to save himself by turning around. Maharani stops him. Maharani asks Maharaj what it is day after tomorrow. Maharaj guesses that it is her birthday. Maharani says it was two months ago, Maharaj now senses its Sheru’s birthday. Maharani gives her a stare, then says its Karwachot day after tomorrow. Maharaj says Tara Bai had just told him. Maharani was now quizzical that how Tara Bai told him when she can’t speak. Maharani now wants Tara Bai to do the signals to her as well. Tara Bai gulps and makes some hand movements. Maharaj and Ridhima agree that both understood the signal, only Maharani does not. Maharaj gives a ring to Tara Bai as gift. Maharani tells Maharaj to be ready to fast as her Baba used to fast for her mother, else he won’t remember coming to roof in time. Maharaj was stuck in the situation. Maharani goes to choose her clothes for the event, as a queen’s clothing may never go wrong. Changez silently thinks that Maharaj is badly stuck.

When Maharani has left, Tara Bai stares at Maharaj and says she will also fast. He should come to the roof to break her fast. Maharaj asks how he can be on two different roofs at one time, does not she think of a better idea. Tara Bai says, there is another; he should tell Maharani and the will both break fast together.

Lal Langot asks Insaf what he just got. Insaf says he tried a taste of panner with butter. Lal Langot was appreciative of the flavors. The restaurant owner had decided to add the dish to his menu. Another visitor scolds the owner for selling such bad quality food. Insaf observes them. He goes to the guest and calls him ‘father’. He complements him to an extent that the man gets emotional. While leaving, Insaf leaves the bill to the visitor as his father and bids him a goodbye.
The ministers discuss that its better Maharaj couldn’t know how they were robbed. They think of a trick to get their lost money back.

Lal langot convince Insaf not to go to palace, else they might be caught. Insaf says they will have to face death in order to defeat it. Lal Langot wonders what if they are caught. Insaf continue to collect various protective items to dodge the security and guard; he keeps on getting flashes of obstacles from past.

A servant tells Akbar that Insaf has been kidnapped. Akbar wonders, if Justice has been entrapped? A man whose face was covered in black cloth was brought to Maharaj. The ministers smirked in a corner. Then one of them removes the cover off the face of a man. They discuss in a corner that no one had seen Insaf except them three, and they have changed this man’s get up into real Insaf’s already. One of them fears, what if real Insaf arrives in the celebrations. Other boasts that he ordered the security to capture Insaf and send him to hell; and Maharaj will kill this man himself. Vijay at once appreciates Minister’s efforts. Akbar did not believe that a thief as shrewd as Insaf can be easily caught by his ministers. The man accepts himself being the thief Insaf, who had stolen from his ministers. Shekhu comes up with an idea to toss the dice, if it comes out from one to five we must accept him. Maharaj signals him to leave. Maharaj says that finally Insaf is caught. They must present him to the subjects and give precious gifts to his ministers. Ministers bow in acceptance, but Akbar was annoyed and wanted solitude.

Lal Langot comes to Insaf and hugs him. He tells Insaf that he heard Insaf was caught and will be presented to the subjects tomorrow. Insaf laughs that Akbar is stupider than he had thought. Lal Langot asks if he will still go to the celebrations. Insaf says he will have to give a call to Akbar to unveil his real face.

Maharaj meets Tara in the backyard. Both dance for a while. Akbar flirts that she is always with him. Tara asks if he also feels for her, he replies a lot. Both vow to say together till the day of resurrection. Tara was fearful if Maharani finds about them, they will both turn into betrayers. Akbar hugs Tara and both swirl around. There, Maharani had brought a sword. Maharaj turns Tara as his shield. Maharani was determined to kill Maharaj as he had been a betrayer. Maharani attacks Maharaj using a sword. Maharaj wakes up from the dream. Maharani stood with a sword held towards him and inquires what happened. Maharaj says he dreamt that he won a precious gem from the war, but she did not accept it. Tara was flattered. Maharani has cleaned his sword and brought a dress for Maharaj. Tara disapproves the dress. Maharaj does not overwhelmingly accept it. Maharani was emotional that her Baba sent it, and he does not like it. Maharaj corrects himself that it is just fine. Maharani now presents a necklace. Maharaj says it is just fine upon Tara’s signal. Maharani was offended again. Maharani leaves with a decision that he will wear these clothes in celebrations tonight. Tara Bai walks closer to the bed of Maharaj, but Maharani calls her outside behind her.

Insaf and Lal Langot reaches the palace as Turkish businessmen.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Akbar wasn’t impressed by the Turkish guests and calls the boastful instead. A precious diamond was exhibited at the celebrations. There were more than one thieves behind it.


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