Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 31st August 2020 Written Episode Update


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 31st August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on teleserialpdates.com

The show starts in a huge palace. The gate opens, the salutations for the arrival of the king of kings, Mohammad Jalaluddin Akbar are called. A lady peaks from behind the curtains of her cart. Another lady, Maharani stands with her group of girls for welcome Maharaj Akbar. One of the girls compliments Maharaj’s looks, then butters Maharani for having no comparison. Maharani was boastful of her beauty. She stops Maharaj midway as he climbs the stairs, and says her Baba wished her to count till five before he can step in. In her next wish, she calls a band to blow trumpets before he can step in. Maharaj’s ears were desensitized and he shouts in anguish. Maharani now invites him inside for aarti. A darban shouts in Mahraj’s ear that the minister is waiting for him. Maharaj was angry at him for shouting and sends him away; he took a leave from Maharani. Maharani wasn’t ready to let him leave. He shouts, Maharani ki Jai (salutations for Maharani) and takes a leave.

In the main hall, another darban shouts elongated salutations as he enters. He requests the darban to let him take a seat now. The ministers butters Maharaj as, he may succeed more, his status raises though no one can ever beat Akbar’s sword, may this Mughal empire flourish for long. Akbar inquiries the ministers about his subjects. They reply, nothing can ever go wrong when he holds the reign. Akbar announces gifts, cereals and money in celebrations of his victory. The ministers leave. Akbar’s brother in law acts as his aide, while he leads salutations for Jalaluddin Akbar. The ministers walk out. Afterwards, the brother in law calls him as Jeeja ji, which Akbar silently corrects and clarifies he is only Jahan Panah, and he is only the Chief MInister of this palace. The brother in law apologizes, then speaks about Jiji. Akbar shouts why he always mentions Jiji. She arrives behind Maharaj. Maharaj turns to her and at once changes his tone into a flattering husband. He compliments her to be extremely beautiful, and says he was mentioning the same to her brother as well. He calls Jahan Panah, but now Akbar doesn’t recognize Jahan Panah and forces him to say Jija Jee. Mahraj now calls for his son. Shekhhu comes running to him in excitement, but Akbar passes by and leads to his lion. Later, Skeikhu holds Akbar in his arms and swirls around. Akbar orders him to drop him, but Sheikhu was playful that he is the next in kin to this throne. Maharani was angry and called Maharaj in the room. Maharaj gulps.

Maharaj walks to his seat once again and inquires about the situation of the country. The brother in law says that nothing goes wrong when he takes care of the matters. There is one problem about a thief, he aims at the people of the palace. None has seen the thief, but he leaves behind the mark ‘Justice;.

The scene changes. Some poor villagers pleaded the ministers why they are implementing tax on rain waters as well. The ministers claimed that the land belongs to them, so does the water that pours over it through rain; they must pay the tax on rain. The poor villagers were upset, as they hoped Akbar would announce some incentives for them after victory in war. The thief watched this injustice from a distance, and tells his mate Lal Langot that waters have crossed the limits, its time to teach this greedy Jalaluddin Akbar a lesson. Insaf (Justice) can never let the money of poor reach the palace.

Akbar orders the arrest of Insaf. He turns to leave the palace. He whispers to a guard to take special care of the two ladies in the balcony, they are his special guests.

The ministers were passing by a green belt. They spot two men fighting each other. One of them was Sham Lal. Sham Lal says “Naam (Name)”. The minister was furious that he demanded a minister’s name. The other fellow tells the minister that he misses pronouncing a letter from some words; he wants to say “Pranam (Salutations), but missed saying ”Pra “. Sham Lal tells the minister that a few days ago, he had taken this “Kara” from this man a few days ago. Minister doesn’t understand “Kara” and confirms if he means ‘bangle’?. The other person translates its “Tu-Kara” – a piece of land. The other person tells the minister that he dug the land for cultivation, but he found an expensive map in the soil and it shows there is priceless fortune underneath. The ministers and fellows laugh at their innocence, but the man shows him a trunk filled with gold coins. He argues that any fortune found from land belongs to him. Sham Lal argues that he has done the hard work and deserves real ownership.

The ministers announce that they must check the fortune, then decide that this land belongs to the Sultanate and Akbar. Ram Lal and Sham Lal decide to take the matter directly to Akbar. The ministers laugh that this is a petty matter, and they can resolve it themselves. They offered them all the money they had taken from people of the land. Ram Lal and Sham Lal demand all the money, clothes of ministers and even the coin they had given to them. Ram Lal and Sham Lal flew from the place. The three clothless ministers run to gather the gold coins, they find the coins were fake, a note of Justice, and a box which captured black smoke to tan the minister’s face.

In the court, Akbar was informed that their ministers faced the theft, and the thieves took all the gifts he had announced for the poor. Akbar orders the arrest of Insaf. There, Insaf washes his face and vows to teach Akbar a good lesson.

PRECAP: Akbar’s guest ladies were caught by Maharani. There, Insaf writes to Akbar that he will meet him in court tonight. Akbar announces any demanded gift to the one who captures Insaf.


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