Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 8th October 2020 Akbar warns Sultana to choose her words carefully, lest he must forget she is his friend’s wife. Sultana reminds Akbar his promise. Sultana says he must tell the subjects of his throne that he is distrustful and does not abide by his promise. Fazl Khan demands Kamran to accept that their king can withdraw from his own truth at any time, according to his law. Akbar announces that he had made the promise, he might die but not withdraw. He promises Sultana he will grant her whatever she likes. He says if within next two days they are unable to provide justice, he will give up his throne and spend the rest of his life in way of Allah. Everyone leaves.
Fazl Khan laughs aloud. He tells Birbal he had dreamt of Faras flag on this palace and he can see it coming. Birbal says its mandatory for peacock to dance under clouds, but his happiness is only short lived.

In the restaurant, Birbal asks Lal Langot to repeat the event. The two discussed that their first doubt goes on Fazl Khan because he will get the throne if Sultan dies. Lal Langot says, maybe it was Sultana herself who attacked Sultan because of his infidelity. Birbal says anyways, the first doubt is on Fazl Khan. Fazl Khan comes to the restaurant. Birbal greets Fazl Khan. He says it seems Birbal has good relations with people of this restaurant. Maybe he has to work in the same restaurant tomorrow. He tries to intrigue Birbal and Lal Langot before leaving.

Vijay discusses with Kamran about a way to deal with Sultan and family. Kamran wished they could challenge them in war ground, but Akbar does not believe in war. He now intended to create adversary between Sala Khan, Fazl Khan and Sultana.

Birbal, Lal Langot and Trilokma were in the room. Birbal finds gun powder on the machine with spears. He says this shows gun powder was used to throw the spear. Lal Langot and Trilokma demands him to explain. He pours gun powder from a bottle into the machine, ignites one of the laces and throws it inside. Resultantly the spear was thrown out of machine and strikes the wall. Lal Langot and Trilokma dances that their problem is solved. Birbal wonders how the machine ignited without someone being in the room. Lal Langot was dubious of Fazl Khan and Sultana. But Birbal says it must be Sala Khan, he was running around with a lamp and a firework stick in hand. Maybe he committed the crime.

Sala Khan was passing by the court. He comes inside, shouts salutations for himself and steps up on the stage to sit on Akbar’s throne. Birbal places a hand on his shoulder. Sala Khan was afraid at once. Birbal says Akbar is not afraid of anyone only because he has a lion, Changez. Sala Khan asks if he will have to bring a lion like this. Birbal says he only needs to ride the lion. He thinks he will now figure out if Sala Khan is really mentally disable or intentionally behaves so. Sala Khan dances towards Changez. Sultana and Fazl Khan come there. Birbal stops Changez before he could attack him. Sala Khan tells Sultana that Birbal wanted him to ride the lion. Birbal says he was only playing with Sala Khan, and when he figured the matter was worsening, he stopped Changez. Fazl Khan was angry at Birbal.

In the corridor, Fazl Khan and Sultana discuss that Birbal believes the attack was done through gun powder. Now Birbal will spend the rest of his given one day finding pointless proofs. And tomorrow, Fatehpur will belong to Sultan Nigahbaksh.

Birbal and Lal Langot came to search Fazl Khan’s room.

Fazl Khan asks Sultana who would take care of the throne until Sultan recovers. Sultana says only one eligible man, Sala Khan. Fazl Khan gulps bitterly. He says still there must be someone to advise him. Sultana says Birbal will be best choice. Birbal is well aware of this kingdom already. Sala Khan taps on Fazl’s back and goes with Sultana.

In the room, Birbal finds a box of expensive armament. He finds multiple maps in another box and understands that Fazl is behind the attack on Sultan.


Akbar Ka Bal Birbal 9th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Fazl Khan was killed through poison. Akbar was transferring his throne to Sala Khan when Birbal and Lal Langot bring the spear machine as gift.


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