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Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 31st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 31st May 2021 Episode starts with Babu coming to Baby and asks her to listen to him. She asks him not to divert her mind. Babu asks her to listen to him carefully. Baby says we will talk while working and says how to make the pots. Babu teaches her how to make the mud dough. He says I will not do anything to hurt you. Baby says I trust you, and says our relation took time to built, I am sure that you will never betray me and will stand with me always. Babu says that day when I came out of the lock up on bail, then. Just then Bindiya comes running to Babu and hugs him, asking him to save her from Akhilesh. Akhilesh says he was asking about her husband and asks if she was lying that day or today. Baby says you had told that your husband has left you. Akhilesh asks her to tell the truth else he will send her to jail. He asks with whom you got married to and who is he? Babu asks Akhilesh to talk with respect and behave when talking to any women. He warns him and says it is Bindiya’s personal matter. Akhilesh says he just wants to know the truth. Bindiya says if I tell the villagers then they will. She cries. Akhilesh it is enough, she is showing tears. Babu warns Akhilesh and asks him to stay away from bindiya. Sukanya comes there and asks him to think atleast about his sister before hurting Akhilesh. Babu says respect is earned and says if Akhilesh doesn’t get better then I will not hesitate to make my sister as a widow. Sukanya asks what did babu say and calls Sukanya. Baby asks Bindiya why did she not tell about her husband? Bindiya says if I tell his name then his life will be in danger. Baby assures that Akhilesh can’t harm her.

Sukanya asks Babu to control his anger and says however Akhilesh is, but he is our Jamai. Sukanya asks Kaushalya to ask him what did Akhilesh do that he hurt him? Kaushalya asks babu to respect Akhilesh forgetting their differences. Babu asks her to ask him to stay away from Bindiya and if he wants to be their damad then behave then he will think. Sukanya says you will think and exaggerates the issue. Jagannath takes Babu’s side. Sukanya says Babu is no longer her Amma’s babu and tells that Kaushalya shall punish him. Akhilesh says babu is my brother in law, I want him to get punished and my work shall be done. Kaushalya asks what do you mean? Akhilesh says he wants Babu to keep the bags in the godown and says he couldn’t do, as his hand is paining. He asks babu if he agrees. Babu agrees and says I will get more chance to push you down the floor. He says he is not scared of punishment. He keeps the rice bags in the godown. Baby feels bad for him. She gets Rani’s call and asks if she is fine. Rani says you don’t care for me, so don’t show right. She says you left me easily and didn’t turn and look at us. She says you didn’t think how is Rani or babu. She says she is alone, even Komal is not with her. She asks her to come and says Babu bhaiyya is facing a punishment due to Akhilesh. Baby says she will return soon. Rani asks her to call her on return else delete the number.

Baby thinks whatever she is doing is for her house and Babu. She helps Babu to keep the bag and tells about Anuradha’s words. Babu says this is not your work and asks her to go home. She helps him and gives him water. She then wipes sweat from his face with her pallu. She sees rat and shouts. Babu also gets scared and hugs her. They share a light moment and smile. Oh Ranjhana ve plays….Akhilesh’s guy comes there and asks who is this woman? babu says my Amma sent food for me. The guy scolds him and asks him to do work before evening. Babu asks baby to go home. Baby asks him not to get upset and says even she wants to beat Akhilesh. She asks him to control his anger. Babu says bindiya’s life is in danger. Baby says you will not let her anything happen to her and says it is her husband’s responsibility too to safeguard her. Babu says why are you talking about her husband and says until he is here, nobody can trouble Bindiya. Bindiya goes to take bath. Akhilesh plans something evil. Babu comes home and asks Baby about Bindiya. Akhilesh says she is taking bath in the bathroom. Bindiya slips in the bathroom. Babu and baby run there. Babu breaks the door and gets inside. They find her unconscious.

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