Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 5th March 2021 Episode starts with Sukanya telling Kaushalya that she was helpless and asked for their rights for her daughters. She tells that whatever day we have seen today is due to Pratap and tells that today they got chance to take revenge from him and asks her not to refuse. She asks her to grab Pratap’s offer and think that you got Babu took the sworn of celibacy for this day. She asks her to snatch Pratap’s daughter from him and agree for Babu’s marriage. Jagannath asks how can you say this being a mother of two daughters. Just then Anuradha calls again and asks Kaushalya to agree for the marriage and save her daughter’s life.

Pratap asks what is she saying? Kaushalya asks Anuradha to ask Pratap to plead and beg infront of her, like he had begged infront of them to make his life. She says she wants to make Pratap begged infront of her again and ends the call. Pratap asks Anuradha if Kaushalya insulted you and asks if her eyes are opened now. Anuradha says my eyes are open and asks when your eyes will be opened, reminds him that this is the matter of Baby’s life more than their own matter. Jagannath asks Kaushalya, how can you put them in a tough situation. Kaushalya says if they are not helpless then they shall not ask for Babu’s hand. Anuradha gives phone to Pratap.

Pratap calls Kaushalya and says you want me to beg infront of you for my daughter, I am pleading infront of him, begging and requesting you to agree for this alliance. He gets teary eyes. Anuradha cries too. Kamini and Nidhi enjoy seeing Pratap pleading. Babu tells Lalu that Amma will not agree if they rub the nose. Kaushalya asks Pratap how is he feeling to ask help from them and says don’t you think that you family can’t do anything with us, tells that you have forgotten the last favour, but this time you can’t forget as this favor is related to your daughter. She asks him to give call to babu. Babu takes the call and tells that he knows that she will not agree.

Kaushalya asks will you agree to my sayings. Babu says, yes I will agree without asking you any questions. Kaushalya asks him to go to temple. Babu goes to the temple. Kaushalya asks him to take off the thread of celibacy from his hand. Babu asks what are you saying? Kaushalya reminds him that he shall not ask. Babu recalls Kaushalya making him embracing celibacy and telling him the reason that she knows that he’s innocent and she can understand him. She asks him to be devoted to hanuman, like he was devoted to Shri Ram. Babu agrees and asks her to be with him always. Kaushalya says only I can love you, and not any human.

Babu says yes and takes the swear. Kaushalya asks him to take gangajal in his hand and announces that she is breaking the swear of his celibacy and permitting him to enter the marital life. She asks him to drink it. babu drinks. Kaushalya asks him to remember that he is not just filling someone’s maang, but also keeping his Amma’s respect. Babu goes from there and comes to the mandap and sits. Baby gains consciousness, but is drowsy. Anuradha asks why baby is in such condition. Doctor says she is in the influence of a heavy dose of injection. Baby asks Anuradha about her marriage. Anuradha says your marriage is happening. Anuradha make them exchange garland and ties their ghatbandhan. Baby and babu don’t look at each other. They stand up and take the rounds.

Pandit ji asks babu to make her wear mangalsutra. Babu makes her wear it. Pandit ji then asks him to fill her maang with sindoor. Babu takes the sindoor and puts on her forehead, filling her hairline.


Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 6th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baby asks Anuradha to call her husband so that they can start muh dikhayi rasam. She sees Babu there. Anuradha says he is your husband. Baby calls him opportunistic and refuses to accept him as her husband.



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