Anandibaa Aur Emily 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 10th September 2022 Episode starts with Payal reading Gulab’s confessions. Gulab asks how did I say the truth. Anandi says I know your plan, just get out. He says I told this truth, did you make me say this, you said that one should say the truth, if you punish me then people will get scared of saying the truth,

forgive me, set an example, sorry, I won’t do this again. Anandi forgives him. She goes. Teni records them. He says I want to become a film director. Gunjan says when Aarav comes, he has to collide with this bag, I have kept the injection in such a way that it will get injected to him directly.

Pinky likes the call. Aarav and Emily have a talk on video call. Emily says I m planning Gunjan and Aaghya’s date today. He says its good, come soon. Gunjan keeps a bag on the couch. Aarav gets pricked and screams.

He says something pricked me. She says don’t know who kept the ladies bag here, maybe there was a pin in it. He starts laughing. Gunjan says I will drop you to your room, come. The door bell rings. She goes to check. She sees Jaman and says Aarav isn’t at home. She shuts the door. She takes Gunjan.

Pinky takes the bag and gets pricked. She says it pricked me. Payal asks what. Pinky tells about Gunjan, taking the names of the animals. Payal asks is this a house or a jungle. Pinky laughs. Aarav thanks Gunjan. She says welcome. She sets the camera. She says tell me, do you love Emily or is there anything else.

He asks did I ever lie to you. He says I love Emily. He starts laughing. She hears Pinky’s loud voice and goes to see. She says what happened to Pinky, why is she laughing. Payal asks her to listen to her. Gunjan thinks Pinky got the other injection. She says I think you are hungry, eat this. She lies to Payal.

She lifts Payal and takes her to the room. She says sit here, don’t move. She says mobile and tripod are in Aarav’s room. Gunjan goes to Aarav. Aarav gets Jaman’s call. He says I m at home, I think I m in my room. Jaman says Gunjan said you aren’t at home. Aarav asks really, I m here, come fast. Gunjan takes the phone.

Jaman rings the bell. Payal opens the door. Jaman runs to Aarav’s room. Gunjan’s phone falls. She tries to take it. She leaves. Jaman asks is Aarav in his room. She says he might be there, I didn’t see him, I m very busy. She leaves. She sees Aarav’s confession. She laughs. She says we will show this to Emily now. She looks for Pinky.

Emily comes to her room. She sees Kanha. She says I m happy, you came on your own. Kanha says you have become my friend, so I worry a lot for you, you may get a bad news that can trouble you, take care, remember my words, we will meet soon. Pinky goes to Anandi and Aaghya. She asks Anandi to read the letter.

Anandi says I m checking the accounts. Gunjan comes and takes Pinky aside. She scolds Pinky. She says let it be, I will tell you. Anandi opens the letter. Gunjan closes eyes. Anandi asks why am I seeing everything blur. Gunjan says you didn’t wear glasses, I will read it. Pinky says many big plotting happen here.

Anandi asks what’s all this, who is doing here. Gunjan says she writes anything in the letter and scares people. She asks Pinky not to joke. She reads the recipe of brinjal dish. She throws the letter. She asks Pinky to come. She picks the letter and says sorry. Teni runs with the phone. Gunjan asks him not to joke, wait.

Emily asks what happened. Gunjan says don’t tell anything to Emily. Teni says no, I will tell her everything, there is a video in this, you will laugh. Gunjan says our work is done. Pinky asks really.

Gunjan says Teni is making videos anywhere anytime, he made videos of the family members. Anandi says yes, he got naughty. Emily asks Teni to show it. She sees the videos and laughs. Gunjan says don’t check that, you can’t tolerate. Emily asks what happened to Aarav. She hears his confession and cries.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Emily shows the video and says I know your real face now, you cheated me. Aarav and Jaman are shocked.


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