Anandibaa Aur Emily 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 11th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 11th August 2022 Episode starts with Anandi and Gunjan asking Emily can she have better halwa than Anandi. Emily says I have no such intention. Anandi says she has challenged me, if she doesn’t win,

then she will get punished, she has to leave the house right away. Gunjan thinks this time, she will really leave. Emily asks if I win then will Anandi give me an entry in the kitchen. Anandi agrees. Emily smiles. Gunjan gets angry. Pinky asks her to have the water. She throws water on Gunjan and acts really silly.

Gunjan holds her hand. Gunjan says you forget it. Pinky asks if Emily wins in the competition then.. Gunjan says no, we won’t let her win, make a cup of ginger tea for me. Pinky goes saying we won’t let Emily win. Gunjan asks why are you walking like this. Pinky says you said that we have to think this on every step.

Gunjan says leave this on me, I will play such a conspiracy that everyone makes Emily out of this house. Emily looks on. Pinky sees her and asks Gunjan to say, Emily is so nice. Gunjan sees Emily. She says you got late, now she will send us to jail. Pinky falls in Emily’s feet and apologizes. She says we were planning against you, I got a bad sister, she taught me to be bad.

Gunjan worries. Pinky says she is plotting against the entire family, she wants to steal the house keys. Gunjan asks her to stop it. Pinky says I can’t stay in jail. Emily removes the ear buds and says sorry, I didn’t hear you. Pinky falls in Gunjan’s feet and apologizes. Gunjan smiles and says you are going to make halwa, Pinky was saying all the best. Emily thanks Pinky and goes.

Gunjan scolds Pinky. Pinky says no, I wanted Emily to forgive me and then forgive you. She holds her ears and says sorry. Its morning, Emily dries her hair. Aarav comes. They both lose balance and fall. Maine jaani ishq ki gali….plays… She says I want a groom. He asks why. She asks how will I make a halwa.

He says you have to make halwa of moong dal. She says I will have to burn it. He says you need a stove. She says yes, I need to practice. He thinks if she makes the halwa well, then mum can accept her, my dream won’t get completed. He says it’s a tough thing to get the stove. She asks how doesit look.

He keeps some pillows and says we make stove in this manner. Gulab and Aaghya feel bad for Anandi. Anandi gets angry on Gulab’s taunts. Aaghya says Gangotri slaps on little things. Gulab asks how do you know.

Anandi says everyone knows this. Gulab says I m going to Gangotri, I will yell at her, I will ask how did she say Anandi can’t participate, I will kill her. Kanchan smiles. Anandi says you will get a slap. Gulab says great, Kanchan our good days are coming. He goes. Aaghya says Gulab can’t eat the food for four days now.

Anandi gets scared seeing a scarecrow. Emily greets her. Anandi asks who is this. They talk via the sofa. Emily says this is Anali, Ana of Anandi and li of Emily. Emily says Anandi can wish me, she can bless me, no one used to bless me or wish me in America, I had no one in family, but here, I got a nice family and loving mum, so I request you to bless me. Anandi gets emotional. She asks how can I bless you. Emily says I had read it, Bhishma was in opposite team, but he had blessed Pandavas. Anandi thinks she is right, I have to bless her. She says if you can try with a good heart, then my blessings are with you, go and win. Emily says I will win definitely. She touches Anandi’s feet and goes.

Gunjan sees Pinky getting down the pipe. She asks why are you going this way. Pinky says I do wrong things, I know you do this for me, Emily will find out everything one day. Gunjan says don’t say this. They see Emily coming. Pinky says she will beat us, I will run away from some other way. Emily hits a tree branch.

Gunjan and Pinky shout. Gunjan asks what are you doing. Emily says I m breaking this wood to burn the stove, else I can’t practice making halwa. She goes. Pinky says you were scared for no reason, I mean I was also scared, if she learns making halwa. Gunjan says she doesn’t even know igniting a stove.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Emily says Gunjan gave me Anandi’s halwa recipe. Aarav says this is cheating. Jaman steals the recipe. Gunjan says Anandi will make me out of the house if she gets the paper. Anandi comes to her.


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