Anandibaa Aur Emily 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav and Emily hugging. They see Anandi. Emily says sorry. Payal says now Emily won’t go to US. They smile. Gunjan gets frustrated on her plan failing.

Gunjan and Pinky count their hardwork. Teni records them. Gunjan asks did you make a video, give me the phone. He refuses and runs. Teni goes to Anandi and says I made a good video, mum is scolding me. She asks him to show it. Gunjan says let it be, its not good. Anandi says let me see.

Emily comes and asks what are you seeing on phone. Anandi says he made a video. Emily takes the phone and says don’t watch it, Teni isn’t studying, only making videos. Gunjan and Pinky make an excuse and go away. Emily says you support truth and do justice, Aarav is also like you, he is true at heart.

Anandi smiles. Aarav says I m true, but we have to be careful. Jaman says you said that you love Emily a lot, and she is your visa to America, what’s the truth. Aarav says I love Emily and also America.

Jaman says Emily’s heart broke that time, if Anandi knows your plans to go to America, she will get angry and throw you out of the house, look behind, mum has overheard us. Aarav falls in Anandi’s feet and says sorry. Jaman jokes and says you got scared. Aarav runs to beat him. Jaman says sorry.

Anandi is doing a puja for Baa. She asks Aaghya to take the Jasmine incense sticks away, Baa gets sneezes. He goes. She calls Gunjan. Gunjan acts busy. Anandi sees Gulab. She stops him and asks him not to anger Baa.

Payal gets the flowers. Emily comes. She asks Anandi for some work. Anandi asks her to go and get black sesame seeds from the kitchen. Emily goes and gets Payal, showing Payal’s mole on her neck. Anandi asks what are you doing, just go away, Baa is getting angry because of your mistakes. Emily asks who is that angry woman in the pic. Payal says Anandi’s Saas, she is still scared of her, its her Shraddh today, Shraddh means old people’s soul peace puja, their soul comes as crow and eats the food. Emily asks what, it means her ghost will come home.

She runs to her room. She collides with Gunjan and screams. Gunjan asks why did you get scared. Emily says don’t talk of ghosts, I m so scared. Gunjan says it means she is scared of ghosts, there are many ghosts here. She gives the chunar to Anandi. She says I have made the bhog ready. Anandi praises Gunjan. Gunjan says sorry, crows won’t come to eat bhog. She smiles.

Pinky says Aarav married Emily, you are making us get this dry grass, why. Gunjan says I m doing this for your good, Emily is scared of ghosts, if we make her believe that Moti Baa’s ghost is angry and wandering here, then she will get scared and go away. Pinky asks why would the ghost come here.

Gunjan says you don’t let the crows come here to eat bhog. Emily says I can’t believe that there is ghost here. Kanha comes. Emily screams and gets scared. He says its me. She says its Shraddh, Moti baa’s ghost is in this house, I m scared. He says remember, you will face situation according to your fears. Emily worries.

Anandi keeps the bhog and talks to her Baa. Gunjan goes to Pinky. She asks her to make the crows away. Anandi asks why isn’t Baa coming in crow’s avatar to eat the bhog. Gunjan and Pinky shoo away the crows.

Pinky says I got scared. Anandi calls Gunjan. Gunjan says I have to go, you just handle things well. She goes to Anandi. Anandi asks about the dry grass in her hair. Gunjan says I went to the stable to get milk for Shraddh. Anandi blesses her. She says why is Baa upset that she isn’t coming to take bhog. Gunjan thinks to scare Emily, and also stop the crows from eating the bhog.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pinky scares Emily. Emily shouts ghost. She says I think its your Baa’s ghost. Gunjan says Moti Baa’s spirit might be angry that a foreigner has come here.


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