Anandibaa Aur Emily 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 14th September 2022  Episode starts with Anandi asking why didn’t Baa come to have the halwa of her choice. Pinky says you said crow will come to eat the bhog. Gunjan asks her to shut up. Gulab jokes that Baa won’t have good digestion. Gunjan says maybe we have upset Baa, so she didn’t come.

Anandi says she used to say that marriage should happen in same community, I m talking of Emily and Aarav’s marriage, is this the reason that she isn’t coming to accept the bhog. Gunjan says yes, don’t know where is her upset soul wandering. Anandi worries. Aarav holds his head.

Pinky asks where is the ghost. She says I just praise you for no use. Gunjan says you don’t know me, shall I call the ghost, stand here. Pinky feels scared. Gunjan asks her to open her eyes. Pinky sees herself in the mirror and screams.

Gunjan says that’s you, this is your plan, we will tell everyone that you are going away, you hide in the house and scare Emily. Anandi comes and asks what happened, I heard some scream. Gunjan says neighbor called from village and asked Pinky to come, so she screamed, she will go today.

Pinky says you can call me if you need anything, I will be at home. Gunjan says she is in your heart. Anandi also screams and asks what’s this. Gunjan says Teni made it by mistake. Anandi goes. Gunjan says pack the bags, tell everyone that you are going. Gunjan laughs.

Emily comes to Pinky and asks about Baa’s ghost. Pinky says Gunjan told me that Baa is upset on you, so she didn’t come to accept bhog. Emily says maybe she wanted to come. Pinky says I don’t know, if you meet the ghost, then you ask her, I m sure that the ghost is in this house,

Baa is angry. She scares Emily. Emily says don’t leave me alone here. Pinky says I have to go. She leaves. Gunjan asks Pinky to come soon, everyone is sleeping. She sees someone at the door. She gets scared. Pinky comes wearing a white saree and holding a candle. Gunjan gets back. Pinky laughs. Gunjan shuts the door. She asks her to stay in her character. Emily tries to sleep.

Pinky starts scaring her. Emily says its you, right, Moti baa, I love India. Pinky says but I hate you. Emily screams and runs. Everyone wakes up. Gunjan smiles. Pinky says I like to see the drama. Gunjan says you don’t come in front of everyone till Emily goes. Emily hugs Aarav and says there is a ghost.

Anandi asks why did she shout at this time. Emily says I think that ghost is of your Baa. Anandi asks what. Emily says I m saying the truth, lights were flickering. Aarav says no, it would be an electricity issue. She tells everything. Anandi says maybe you saw a bad dream, we have nothing such in our house. Gunjan says I think Baa’s soul is angry that Emily came in this house.

She shows the photo frame shaking. Pinky shakes it. Gunjan fools Anandi. Aarav asks Emily to listen to some good song, she will get sleep. Emily says no, I m scared. He says maybe you saw a bad dream. She says no, I have seen it, believe me. He says you come to my room. She says but I promised Anandi, I can’t break it.

He says we can stay together on terrace, right, let the ghost come, I m there, don’t worry. She holds him. He asks her to not worry. They have a moment. He makes her wear her locket. Kesariya…plays… They stay together. He asks her not to get scared. They lie to sleep. He says we will find your granny in the stars, what’s the need to get scared. They hold hands.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Emily says give me a chance, Moti baa will also like me. She dances on Honton me aisi baat…. Aarav worries.


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