Anandibaa Aur Emily 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 15th August 2022 Episode starts with Anandi saying I have written the list of things to be purchased, why did you remove the things that I wrote for you. Gungun acts sweet and impresses Anandi. Aarav asks Emily to go upstairs and find the recipe. Pinky switches on the fan. The recipe paper flies off the magazine.

Aarav gets the recipe. Emily turns and says my recipe. She asks how did you get this recipe paper. Aarav says it’s a miracle, it was fallen here. She says but I didn’t find it. Jaman says its no use to ask, just take it and go. Emily goes.

Jaman says you won’t get the country visa by doing such little things, we will handle this next time. Pinky comes to Anandi. She says I will tell something imp to Gunjan in her ear. Anandi asks what. Pinky shouts on Anandi. Anandi asks what did I say. Pinky says Gunjan tells me this way, so you ask her later.

Gunjan says she is innocent. Pinky says Emily got the recipe. Anandi asks what did she say. Gunjan says she has kept the dry fruits there, Gulab would eat it and finish it. Anandi says Emily got the halwa recipe, so I m worried, I have seen faith in her eyes when she said she will win the competition and enter the kitchen.

Gunjan says she can never make the halwa like you. Anandi says it will be clear tomorrow in the competition. Gunjan goes to Emily. Emily says sorry, my recipe was lost.

Gunjan says I got to know, this recipe has no other copy, if you lose this recipe, then you will lose the competition, Anandi will make you leave the house, and I will be helpless. Emily says don’t worry, I will be careful. Gunjan says promise me, you won’t leave the recipe paper. Emily asks how will I work.

Gunjan says hold this in left hand, don’t drop this. Emily promises her. Gunjan says I scolded you, sorry, I will dance if you win. Emily laughs. Gunjan says I m going to market with Pinky, all the best. Emily thanks her. Gulab gets the fire and says I will burn everything, I will burn the curtain first. Kanchan comes and asks what are you doing, don’t burn the curtains. He says I will burn the sheets and pillow.

She asks why are you thinking to burn the things. He says I will burn everything, this fire will get me a slap. He tells a story, Anandi had slapped Phalguni when the fire got lit by mistake, if I ignite the fire intentionally, then she will slap me. Aarav says Emily isn’t leaving the recipe, does she doubt that we are going to burn it.

Jaman says we will burn the recipe. Gulab comes. Anandi asks what’s happening. Gulab says Parimal baba told me to ignite fire in the house. She asks him to stop it. He asks will you slap me, fine, slap me. She refuses to slap. Aarav sees the fire and tells some idea to Jaman.

Jaman says what a solid idea. Aarav asks what will people think seeing Gulab. He engages Anandi in talks. Jaman burns some paper and goes to Emily to burn the recipe. Aarav asks Anandi to go and rest. Jaman burns the recipe. Emily asks Aarav to save her recipe. Jaman asks her to go and get water.

Jaman dances. The paper gets burnt, till she gets water. She cries. Aarav says sorry, I tried a lot, maybe halwa didn’t want to be made by your hands. She says I was going in the competition by the help of this recipe, I have got all alone now, please support me. She cries. Jaman signs no.

Aarav says yes, I m with you. Emily asks how will I impress Anandi, how will I win the competition. She goes. Aarav says I feel that she is all alone here. Jaman stops him. Aarav says we are taking her test always. Jaman says wait. Aarav goes.

Jaman says Aarav can melt down because of her. Aarav asks Emily to get the recipe from Gunjan. She says she has just one recipe, I lost, I m a loser. He asks her to calm down. He says you can’t lose the competition, you don’t have the recipe, but I have seen mum making the halwa since childhood, I will make the halwa with you,

we will always support each other, we will work hard and make the halwa. Emily smiles. Jaman emotionally cries. Aarav says we will make the halwa together, it will be always remembered. She hugs him.

Jaman says we are so good that we try to do bad and it happens good. He wishes the good for Aarav. Aarav teaches halwa making to Emily. Tera fitoor…plays… She says if I don’t have a recipe paper, then Gunjan will think I lost it,

she will feel bad. He says you are beautiful and sensible. Gunjan and Pinky come. Gunjan says if she makes the right recipe, then… Aarav praises Emily for the good halwa made.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 16th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi says your relation with this family ends. Pandit asks Emily to do a tapasya standing on one foot. Emily stands on one foot. She sees Lord Krishna.


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