Anandibaa Aur Emily 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Emily saying give me a chance to win Motibaa’s heart. Anandi says she accepted me after two years, then gave me that chunri. Emily says you didn’t lose right. She says yes. Emily says I will also not lose, I should get a chance.

Anandi says yes, fine, but I know Baa will never accept you. Pinky asks Gunjan to let her come out of the storeroom and have tea. Gunjan says stay there. Payal says amazing, you are scared of ghost and want to please Motibaa’s ghost.

Emily says someone told me that love can conquer any fear, what did Motibaa like. Payal jokes. She asks Emily to check Motibaa’s chest, its in the storeroom. Gunjan says I will get tea for you there. She ends call. Pinky hears someone coming and hides.

Payal and Emily come there. They hear Pinky’s scream and scream. Pinky shows the chest and opens it. Emily smiles seeing Motibaa’s belongings. She asks did she like music, just like me. Payal says yes, she used to sing and dance anywhere. Emily says now I know what I have to do, can we take it.

Payal says yes, we will get this back safely. They leave. Gunjan gets tea for Pinky. Payal says we know what’s in storeroom. Gunjan worries. Emily says don’t go inside, there is Motibaa’s ghost. Gunjan laughs and says she got more scared. Anandi prays to Motibaa. Emily comes and dances on Honton me aisi baat…. Payal dances with her.

Aarav and everyone look on. Anandi worries. She stops Emily and asks what’s all this. Emily says Motibaa, how did you like my performance, we are similar, I also like dancing and singing, will you accept me. Anandi says this way, never. Gunjan asks Pinky to come in her character. The wind blows.

Anandi asks Baa to forgive them. The wind stops blowing. She asks Emily to book her ticket to America. Aarav and Gunjan smile. Anandi asks Emily to leave from her house. Emily cries and runs away.

She sees Kanha. He plays the flute. She says I feel calm now, I trouble Anandi a lot, I think I should go back to America. He asks her not to run away, everything can change in a moment, still two days are there. Gunjan talks to Pinky and goes to the storeroom.

Anandi asks for whom are you taking food. Gulab asks for food. Anandi says its not for you. Gulab says I can’t hear you. She asks him to remove cotton from his ears. He says no, Parimal baba asked me to stop hearing for some time. Gunjan says its not for you. Aarav asks who is in storeroom.

Emily says there is a ghost inside. Gunjan says Anandi is trying hard to calm down Baa’s ghost, I know there is risk to go inside, but I can do anything for you, I think I can feed the food to Motibaa’s spirit and calm her. Anandi says you are so brave and thoughtful, go and get spicy chutney for Baa.

Gunjan goes and gets the chutney. Anandi puts much chutney in the food. Gunjan says its enough. Anandi says go and feed this to Baa’s spirit, make her happy. Gulab asks where is the food going. Aaghya says I will tell you. Pinky thanks Gunjan. Anandi calls her. Gunjan says we will go. Anandi says no, we will go and see if Baa had the food. Pinky runs by eating the spicy food. Gunjan gets water for her.

She says sorry, I will get some sweets. She shows the empty bowl. Anandi says I think Baa was too hungry. She asks Emily to see, Baa would get some peace, come. Emily says I will also feed her and impress. Pinky says water got over. She cries.

Anandi asks Gunjan to be with her. Gunjan gets Pinky’s call. Anandi says talk to her. Pinky asks for sweets. Gunjan says you stay in village, I m taking care of Anandi, bye. Pinky says she is a cheat, why did I get such a sister. Emily says I will feed the dessert to Motibaa. Payal laughs and says we have to go to storeroom again to see the chakki. They go there.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Emily says Motibaa accepted the kheer, she likes me. Anandi says Emily has to leave if Motibaa doesn’t accept her. Aarav shows his marriage pic fixed. Emily says its clear sign that she likes me.


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