Anandibaa Aur Emily 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav saying I will marry Pinky once Emily marries Chirag. Pinky gets happy. Aarav takes Sangeeta’s permission and takes Emily to the mandap. He asks Chirag to come.

He says this is right according to the customs, right. Jalpa says no, I won’t let him marry, he is already married. Aarav says yes, he got married to Emily, pandit ji start the mantras. Jalpa says no, marriage can’t happen. He asks why, it will happen. She says because Chirag is already married to me. Jaman, Aarav and Emily smile. Everyone is shocked.

Jalpa says we are husband and wife, I can’t see his marriage happening with anyone. Gunjan asks Pinky to pray that they don’t get jailed. Anandi asks is Chirag Jalpa’s husband, it means all that pics were fake.

Aarav nods. Sangeeta says they have cheated the law also. She asks Patel to arrest them. She sees Chintan, a famous gambler. She scolds Chintan. She asks what’s this conspiracy, tell me. Jaman says she will beat you all.

Chirag says no, I m a junior artist, spare me, unfortunately Jalpa is my wife, I met Harsha on the film set. Anandi asks why did you do this if you weren’t married to Emily, what’s the reason.

Sangeeta asks were you planning to kidnap Emily and ask for ransom. Gunjan says they are the gang I told you about. Anandi says you will tell now that I asked you to kidnap Emily, right. She asks can’t I take my name, then take my bahu Gunjan’s name. Harsha says yes, she paid me money to kidnap Emily.

Anandi says you won’t get saved, we also read newspaper every day. She says Inspector, they have a gang to do fraud, they blame Saas and bahu on getting caught. Sangeeta says I will get the truth out by beating them. She takes them. Emily sees Kanha and thanks him. She thinks one should always face the situation instead running away. Kanha smiles.

Aarav says my plan never fails. Gulab says you did good to make them out, I was supporting them, forgive me. Aarav says its time to have sweets. Emily says we will marry again. Anandi says you always create problems. She asks Gunjan to come. Gunjan says I know you want a head massage. Anandi says yes. They go. Aarav and Emily smile.

Jaman says you have exposed Chirag’s truth, I have become your fan. Aarav says you know my magic, it never fails. Jaman says I felt you really love Emily, you should have told it in English, I love you. Aarav sees Emily at the door, and stops Jaman. She asks him to get green tea for her from the market.

He says I will get green tea leaves from the moon also. She says I don’t need that. She goes. Aarav asks Jaman not to talk aloud, if Emily heard the truth, that she would have left him. Gunjan keeps some sweets for the ants. Pinky comes and asks her what is she doing, why is she happy. Gunjan says we got saved from going to jail.

Pinky scares her of Sangeeta coming to arrest her. Sangeeta comes home and calls out Gunjan. Gunjan worries and says we will go and surrender. Sangeeta says Chirag and family told me the same thing, that Gunjan paid the money to them for this work. Pinky puts her hand in the handcuffs.

Sangeeta says but I can’t trust them, I got this with them, your purse, its clear that they can’t be trusted. Pinky gets her hand out of then handcuff. Gunjan thanks Sangeeta. She calls her a honest cop and salutes her. Sangeeta smiles and leaves. Gunjan happily laughs.

Emily asks Kanha to come. She sits coughing. Kanha comes. She says my problem is really big, I have cough, please make me fine. He says so this is the big problem. She says Anandi won’t let me work because of cough, Gunjan will need to do all the things alone. He asks her to open the door, she will know it.

Aarav comes with the cough syrup. He says I got this news and got the kada for you. She says I don’t drink wine. He says no, its kada, go and drink it, you will be fine. Pinky gets Emily’s photo album.

She says we may a proof against Emily. Gunjan gets shocked. She says Emily is having wine. Pinky says we got a proof against her. Gunjan says we will surely find a proof. She sees Emily going. She says we will do real spying now. Emily drinks the kada. Gunjan say she is having wine. She asks Pinky to click Emily’s pic. Pinky clicks the pic.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jaman gets the kada bottle for Emily. Gunjan says I will make a big issue of this matter. Anandi asks Aarav about the bottle.


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