Anandibaa Aur Emily 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 22nd September 2022 Episode starts with Anandi asking Emily is it true that you will leave Aarav if he goes bald. Priyanka asks Emily to tell Anandi. Emily takes her aside. Priyanka says please hide the truth for my sake. Payal says you are lying, you aren’t letting Emily say the truth.

She asks Emily to tell the truth to Anandi. Gunjan says Emily won’t stay with Aarav if he gets bald. Anandi gets angry. She asks Emily to get the water pot. Emily goes and prays. She says I m afraid, Anandi is upto something, don’t know what’s in my fate. Kanha comes and says I can give you the answer.

She says Anandi is going to do something. He says you refuse it if you want. He explains her and says I can’t say no to my mum. Emily says it means I can’t say no to Anandi, its for betterment. Pinky comes and says Krishna is there. Emily says he is everywhere. Pinky says it means, he is on my right and left side also.

Emily nods and smiles seeing Kanha. Pinky says you are so foolish, he isn’t everywhere, so people make temples and have his darshan there. She laughs. Emily sees Kanha and smiles. Anandi asks where is Emily. Gunjan asks Pinky to get Emily.

Pinky asks Emily to come. Emily takes the pot. Anandi gives some water to Emily in her hand. Anandi asks her to swear. Emily drinks it. Anandi asks why did you drink it without swearing, now swear that if Aarav gets bald, then you will leave him forever. Emily worries.

Aarav and Jaman are at the hotel. Jaman says you got saved. Aarav’s hair wig falls off. He says my respect will fly off in front of Emily, this wig flies off all the time, switch off the fan. Jaman jokes and asks him to calm down.

Aarav gets a call. He asks what. He says mum is making Emily swear that she will leave me if I get bald. Gulab asks Emily not to drink the money. Anandi says nothing happened to you till now, you also drank the same water. She asks Emily to swear now. She smiles seeing Gunjan.

Payal asks Priyanka to go and say something. Priyanka says Emily, please swear, your husband is not going to get bald, its about my life. Anandi asks Emily to change her decision or swear. Aarav and Jaman come. Emily says I swear, I will leave Aarav when he goes bald. Anandi, Gunjan and Pinky smile. Aarav is shocked. Gulab and Aaghya force Aarav and bring him to tell the truth to Emily. He says Parimal baba came in my dream and said we should tell the truth.

Aarav sees Emily and runs. Gulab says fear is the second enemy of the human race. Aarav says this enemy is overpowering me. Aarav goes to Emily. She asks how did you get long hair suddenly. He says I m not bald. She says how long will you lie. He says relation doesn’t break when hair isn’t left. She asks him to check the phone once. She sees Aarav’s bald pic and says what a cool app, we can put anyone’s pic in it and make anyone bald. She laughs seeing the pics. He laughs.

She says you look so funny. He says thank God, are you thinking that you will leave me and go. She says yes, I will leave you, everything will get fine once Priya gets divorced. He sadly goes. Gunjan comes to Pinky. She explains the plan. She asks Pinky to go out. She asks her to collide with Aarav and pull his hair. Pinky says I understood, you go now. She pushes Gunjan and says I understood your plan. Gunjan says amazing. Pinky sings.

Anandi says I asked Priyanka’s husband to give the divorce and also give the Streedhan. She says Aarav and Emily’s divorce papers will be ready too, Emily will leave him if he gets bald. Pinky asks Aarav to have the biscuits. She falls. He gets away. She says I m stumbling, don’t know what is happening.

Anandi taunts Pinky. She asks Gulab to give the loan amount back, else he has to leave the house. Gulab says I m a true man, you will get the money before the puja. Anandi sees Aarav and says I will apply almond oil to your hair. Gulab says no, finish the imp matter first. Aarav says yes, we will do this later. She says we won’t get a chance later, you remember our land case was going on, we won the case, I had a mannat that I will make you donate your hair in Mata’s temple. Aarav gets shocked.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi does Gunjan’s puja. Payal asks shall I make Emily sit for puja. Anandi stops Emily. She says Emily is here for a short time.


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