Anandibaa Aur Emily 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 23rd September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav saying I can’t go bald, Emily will leave me. Anandi says you explain Emily, its my mannat. Gunjan says I will pack snacks for Emily when she leaves for US.

Aarav asks what. Pinky asks him to have biscuits. Pinky falls over Gulab. Gulab says my bones would have broken by your weight. Pinky asks how will I fall on Aarav. Gunjan says stop it now. Aarav asks who gets bald in this age, am I a little kid. Emily says you explain Imlie, not me, I had this mannat when you were in my tummy,

I didn’t know mannat will get fulfilled at this time. Emily says no Aarav. Anandi announces Aarav will do bald after the bahu pujan. Emily worries and goes to call Kanha. She says why isn’t he coming today. She goes and gets butter. She says I got bitter for you. Kanha comes. She asks him to help.

He says you are giving me bribe. She says sorry, I made a mistake. He laughs and says mistakes are a part of life, it doesn’t happen as humans think, I know Priyanka isn’t agreeing to tell the truth, Anandi wants to make Aarav bald, you want Anandi not to make Aarav bald. She says yes, can you help me. She goes to help Payal. Payal praises her and says you always help others.

She goes. Kanha says I will also go now to help others. Emily asks who will help me. He says you are yourself helping others. Aarav and Jaman think why did Anandi keep two chairs for bahu puja. Aarav says mum has done the preparations to send off Emily. Emily thinks why didn’t Priya send the recording. Anandi gets Gunjan. Pinky also comes smiling. Aarav looks at her. Anandi says I will do Gunjan’s puja, come, sit. Gunjan acts good. Anandi does her puja.

Payal says Emily will also sit for puja. Aarav asks Emily to sit. Anandi says wait, Emily won’t sit on that chair, Emily is here for some time, my choti bahu will sit on that chair. Pinky smiles. Aaghya says I didn’t know Anandi will declare Pinky as her choti bahu. Anandi recalls Gunjan convincing her to accept innocent Pinky, who can never cheat.

Anandi says you are right, what shall I do stopping Emily here when hair is imp for her than a relation. FB ends. Anandi calls the lawyer. Lawyer says your agreement is ready. Anandi says I have asked the lawyer to make these papers. Emily says you have to sign on these papers, I would sign if Aarav goes bald. Anandi asks Aarav to come. Anandi says you didn’t value Aarav. She removes his hair wig. Everyone is shocked. Anandi recalls seeing Aarav’s bald head.

She says I took some time by talking about the divorce papers, to see if Emily changes her decision or not, Emily proved that looks matter to her, Aarav has gone bald now. She asks Emily to sign the papers. Aarav says don’t take her joke seriously, does anyone leave a husband because of hair. He asks Emily to tell Anandi. Emily sees Kanha there.

He says I told you, that it doesn’t happen as human thinks. He disappears. She recalls everyone’s words. She thinks I have to fulfil my promise to bring my friend our of this problem. She agrees to sign. Priyanka comes there. Emily asks how did you come here. Payal says I have called her.

Priyanka asks her not to sign the papers. Emily says I have no other option. Priya asks does anyone leave husband to keep a promise. Emily says I will break my promise when you get rid of the fear, if you tell the truth, then I won’t leave Aarav, you have courage in you, who did wrong with you should get punished, please tell the truth. Anandi asks what. Emily says her husband is bad.

Anandi says we know he is bald. Payal says he is bad, drunkard, he beats Priyanka every night, she cries, everyone knows about her sorrow, she doesn’t tell anyone, she tolerates it. Anandi is shocked. She scolds Nilesh. Emily says he should go to police. Anandi asks Aarav to call the police. Emily says I already called. Pinky says Emily also started knowing Anandi’s decision. Nilesh apologizes to Anandi. Anandi scolds him and gets him arrested. Emily says Priyanka will give you the proof.

Emily sees Kanha again. She says it doesn’t happen as we think. Kanha says when you walk on the right path, you get joy. She smiles.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan sees Emily talking to the air. She asks Anandi to look upwards. She says Emily is talking to air, she has a spirit in her. Anandi is shocked.


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