Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav and Aaghya praising Emily and her values. Aaghya says we should do Emily’s puja. Emily says no, I had promised that I will leave, how can I break my promise.

Aarav stops her. Anandi says even I can’t break my promise. Priyanka asks how can you let her go. Anandi says I stick to my word. Gulab says I also keep my word, I told you, I will give you the plate filled with notes. She sees few notes. He says I have returned the notes, I didn’t say how much money I will give.

Aarav says wow, what an idea, Emily said she will leave the house, but not for how much time, so she will go for 24 hours and come back, this time, promise will get fulfilled, there won’t be any need to break the relation, right. Aaghya says you said right. Aarav opens arms for Emily. Emily runs and hugs Anandi. Everyone smiles.

Its morning, Emily talks to Kanha. She says Aarav loves me so much. Gunjan sees Emily talking to thin air and asks Pinky to see. Emily says Aarav comes to teach me. Pinky says I think she has gone mad.

Gunjan says no, she is really smart. They go to see. Kanha says I shall go now. Emily says I got happy talking to you. Gunjan asks who did you talk to. Pinky says there is no one here. Emily thinks I can’t tell anyone. She makes an excuse. Gunjan says Anandi shouldn’t know this, she will be impressed when you learn good hindi. Gunjan asks Pinky to see her game.

She calls Anandi. She asks Anandi to come out and see Emily talking to the air. Anandi says yes, I have seen her before. Gunjan says Emily has a spirit in her. Anandi is shocked. Gunjan says go to the kitchen, I will come and tell you. Anandi waits for Gunjan. Gunjan comes. Anandi gets scared.

She says you scared me. Gunjan says no, I just wanted to tell you about the spirit on Emily. Gunjan tells scary tales to Anandi. She asks Anandi not to get scared. Anandi asks what shall we do now. Gunjan says its good Emily and Aarav stay in different rooms, she can choke him. Anandi says right, I will think. She gets an idea. She says we will go to Guru ji and get a solution.

Gunjan thinks he will say that there is no spirit. She says don’t involve him. Anandi says we have to make the spirit away and then Emily out of this house. She goes. Gunjan says if the baba says the truth then I will have to leave the house. Aarav says this mobile phone will take me to America. Jaman says you want visa for it.

Gulab comes and plays with colours. He says Parimal baba asked me to fill colours in my life, I have to apply colours to people. Jaman asks him to change the baba. Gulab says don’t dare to say this, I won’t change him, my fate will get better, get ready to get the colours. They disappear. Gulab throws colours. It falls on the ladies. They scold and beat him.

Anandi says Baba is in sadhna, don’t tell anyone, Emily should get treated. Emily comes and gets tea. Anandi say she looks good. Gunjan says yes, don’t get scared. Payal explains Emily about magical priest/baba. Anandi says he does miracles. Gunjan says Anandi’s land case was stuck, baba said the work will be done in 6 months, it happened in one month. Anandi talks to Emily with love.

Emily asks what mistake did I do, you are talking to me with love. Anandi says talk to baba well and give him respect. Emily says your guru is my Guru, what magic does he want. Anandi says he talks to Krishna directly and solves the problems, keep my respect. Emily says okay. Gunjan says leave the baba, make Emily out. Anandi says no, I can’t do anything without asking baba. Gunjan worries.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi gets scared seeing Emily threatening to kill her. She runs.


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