Anandibaa Aur Emily 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 26th September 2022 Episode starts with Emily saying Anandi said you talk to Gopi baba also. He says I stay in everyone’s heart, you will know the truth when you meet him, don’t take any doubt in mind.

She asks what shall I say when I meet him. He says Guru is Guru for a student, he has much knowledge. She says its difficult but I will try. He blesses her and goes. Aarav says a mobile company will train 100 people in America and then give them jobs in India. Jaman says I heard it. Aarav says I will not come back.

Jaman says but they will take 1 lakh rupees. Aarav says I will arrange it, once I go there, I will call mum and Emily also.

Emily memorizes the lines. Anandi looks on. She gets scared. Emily asks when will your Guru ji, shall I make food for him. Anandi says no, I will tell you. Emily goes. Anandi says she looks normal. Gunjan says make her out of the house. Anandi says we will ask baba. Gunjan worries. Gulab comes home.

Anandi and Pinky see his coloured face and get scared. He tells them what happened. She asks him to change clothes and come, they are going to meet Gopi baba. They all come and meet Gopi baba.

Gopi asks them to sit. He does marketing of his products. He dupes people and takes donations. Gulab sees his drama and says it’s a miracle. He says I will leave Parimal baba, you are my baba now, give me a chunri and bless me. The lady asks Gulab to get gold bangles first and then he will get blessings.

Gulab says I don’t have status to buy gold bangles. Baba makes him out of the hall. Gopi asks Anandi to come. Anandi gives the gold bangles. Guddi asks for the donation of 2 lakhs. Anandi says I will get it, I have some imp work with Baba ji. Gopi asks her to say. Anandi says Emily talks to the air, I think she is affected by some spirit.

He says its fine, we will ask Kanha now. Gunjan worries. Pinky says we will go now. He acts and tells Anandi’s problem. He says there is a spirit on Emily. Gunjan smiles and says he is fraud, its good for us.

He says I will come home, take money and make the spirit away. She asks is the spirit doesn’t go. He says the spirit will go, else Emily will leave. At home, Gunjan and Pinky act like Gopi and laugh. She says we will see what Gopi baba does tomorrow.

Its morning, Gulab welcomes Gopi baba home. Gopi scares them of spirit. Gunjan says this baba is a drama king. Gulab says give me a cheaper option than the gold bangles. Anandi says you control the spirit. Gopi says spirit is dangerous. He says Kanha has come, he is asking about the two lakhs.

Anandi says I have got the money from the bank. She gives the money. Emily comes and chants Kanha’s lines. Anandi says Emily has a spirit on her. He says I can see it after her, its dangerous, I will control her, don’t worry. Guddi says the money total is 2 lakhs. Emily asks why did you take money from Anandi. Gopi says I will fix marbles in the ashram and please the devotees.

Emily says sorry, money is needed to teach the kids. He says its Krishna’s command to me, how shall I go against him, he is there. He tricks them and keeps the money in the bag. Emily asks where did the money go. He says he took the money. She thinks to find out how he is seeing Krishna.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi’s locket falls down. Gunjan says the dog has eaten the diamond. Anandi shouts.


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