Anandibaa Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Episode starts with Anandi hearing Emily and worrying. She imagines Emily poisoning her. She asks Gunjan to be there, she will go and just do the coconut rituals.

Gunjan asks Emily what were you saying about poison. Emily says I asked Aarav to get poison to kill cockroach, I was practicing hindi talking. She goes. Gunjan says nature is great, its supporting me. She goes to Anandi and says Emily is planning to kill you. Anandi says the spirit is doing it.

Emily comes. Gunjan asks did she come to kill us. Anandi asks Emily to come. Anandi says Gopi baba is a fraud. Gunjan asks how do you know. Anandi says I also know it, Gunjan understands my heart, you told me about him, I won’t go to him, you go and do your work. Emily says okay, good, bye.

She goes. Gunjan asks why did you say this. Anandi says Emily didn’t come, it was the spirit, spirit is scared of baba so it came to say that baba is fraud. Gunjan says I don’t think so. Anandi says spirit is scared, we have to do the coconut rituals and cage the spirit. Gunjan says I think we should leave Emily from the house.

Anandi says no, we have to control the spirit first, come. They see Emily sitting, and go to do the coconut ritual. Anandi says spirit is clever, Emily can see us. Gunjan asks shall we go by other door. Emily goes with Pinky. Gunjan says Pinky is innocent. Anandi sits tired. She says the spirit is dangerous, it is changing Emily’s position. Gunjan says forget this and make Emily out of the house.

Emily comes and asks what are you doing with the coconut. Anandi asks Gunjan to answer. Gunjan lies to Emily. Anandi asks Emily how did you come, dear. Emily says so much respect, did I make any mistake, come, food is ready, everyone has come. They go. They worry and sit to have food.

Anandi says she will kill us if we don’t eat. Emily says I will get a heart attack if you act so sweet. Anandi says I will have food when Gulab comes. Emily nods. She asks Aaghya to have the food. Anandi signs no to him. He says I can’t eat without mum’s permission. Gunjan stops Pinky.

Payal comes. Anandi says no one will have the food today, its my Nani’s barsi. Payal says she means death anniversary. Anandi says we will have fast. She gets scared seeing a knife in Emily’s hand. Emily cuts an apple. She says we can have fruits, right. Anandi says yes, we can eat it, you won’t add anything in it. Emily asks what. Gunjan says she means you can’t add garlic in it.

She asks Anandi to make Emily out of the house. Aarav comes. He says I really enjoyed the food today. Anandi says you can’t have it, it has poison. He asks what. She says its my Nani’s barsi today. He says sorry, I already had the food. Anandi says food doesn’t have poison, see Aarav is fine, we will have food. Anandi says I remember,

its not her barsi today, its her birthday, everyone can have the food. Aarav starts coughing. Anandi shouts no, we can’t eat, its her barsi. She takes water for Aarav and asks him to vomit fast. He says I was just coughing. Anandi asks everyone to have the food.

Anandi sees Emily. She goes to Gunjan. Gunjan says I was cleaning the stairs. Anandi says do the work later, we have to do the coconut ritual, she is sleeping, it’s a good chance, where is the coconut. Gunjan says its here. Anandi asks where, find it. Pinky also comes to find. Anandi says find your sense first.

She asks why am I not getting this coconut. Gulab asks her to have food before she goes up. She asks how do you know about the spirit. He asks what, you will go upstairs to dry the clothes, have the idli and coconut chutney. She asks where did you get it. He says it was here. She gets angry on him.

Emily comes and asks do you want a coconut. She gets one. Gulab says thanks for saving my life, we will go and have the coconut chutney. Anandi says there is one way now. Gunjan says make her out of the house. Aarav asks Emily can any normal person see Lord and talk to him. She asks why are you asking this. He says I was talking a tv show, the girl sees Krishna and talks to him.

She says you can talk to him with a true heart, there is no doubt in it. She goes. He says then I will give the bangles to Gopi. Gopi says spirit will not let the ritual complete, give two gold bangles. Anandi says I didn’t get it. He says you got it. He shows Gunjan. She says its old. He says we will make it new, give it, bahu like you can give everything for the sake of family, even life.

Anandi says yes, she is lovely. She takes Gunjan’s bangles. The man gives them a box. He says it’s a torch, the spirit will get tortured by this torch, come here, I will tell you a mantra. He tells the mantra. He says spirit will get caged in this torch. Gunjan says if Emily goes away, then the spirit will also go. Gopi says once spirit goes, Emily will also go. Gunjan thinks of taking the bangles back.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anandi says take this locket, the jeweler will fix the diamond. Gunjan says the dog has eaten the diamond. Anandi shouts no.


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