Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd August 2022 Episode starts with Gunjan making stories. Jaibala says make me meet Emily, I will give her the shagun, else I will go to her room. Gunjan says no, you are elder, she will come to you to take blessings.

Jaibala says your bahu is good. Gunjan goes to Emily and explains her about the guest. Aarav acts weird and explains Emily about the ghunghat. He asks Emily to put the veil. Gunjan says you hide your face in the veil.

Emily says I don’t like it. Gunjan says fine, I will tell Anandi that you refused. Emily agrees to put the veil. She wears the hat. Gunjan says it’s a hat, this isn’t a ghunghat. She asks Aarav to go out. He says face will hide by ghunghat but how will her voice hide. Gunjan says yes, we have to hide her voice also.

She asks Emily not to talk. Aarav says remain silent like a Sanskari bahu. Emily says I will become a Sanskari bahu. She gets ready in the saree. Gunjan says you look beautiful, but no use, we have to go in ghunghat. She takes Emily. Everyone gets tensed. Gunjan says I have explained her to get Jaibala’s blessing.

Jaibala says Anandi chose her, so she will have much values. Emily says I can’t see. Gunjan says go slow. Emily hits her leg. She goes and takes Anandi’s blessing. Gunjan laughs. Jaibala says wow, her Sanskar is good, she is touching her Saas’ feet first, come to me. Emily goes to Gulab.

He also blesses her. Gunjan says now her veil will get up. Emily takes blessings from everyone. Jaibala says it’s the limit of Sanskar now, I will come and bless you. She hugs Emily and gets hurt. Emily says sorry.

Aarav says saree is heavy. Jaibala says bend down, I will bless you. She holds her hand and sees her white skin tone. She says your bahu’s hands are fair like foreigners. Anandi worries. Jaibala goes to lift the veil. Anandi stops her. She asks Aarav to take bahu, she shouldn’t meet anyone before Mu dikhai.

Anandi asks Gunjan to answer Jaibala. Gunjan says she is really fair, have sweets, you blessed our bahu. Jaibala drinks water. She says Jigna’s hands aren’t fair like her, why did you send bahu to your room soon.

Gunjan says because of Anandi. Anandi makes a face. Gunjan says we shouldn’t praise the new bahu much, like you said her hands are fair. Jaibala says yes, tell me the secret of her fair hands. Gunjan says sit, give me time to think, she takes bath from milk, so she is fair. Gulab says yes, she is right. They all make stories and lie to Jaibala.

Anandi says we will go to the room. Gunjan says you can stay for Mu dikhai by cancelling the train, but it will take two days to get a ticket. Jaibala says no, make a video call to me when you do her mu dikhai. Gunjan says we don’t know about the network. Anandi says we will see that later. Kanchan takes Jaibala.

Anandi says Gunjan, you are so sensible. Gunjan says I m there for you, I can’t let you get worried. Anandi nods. Aarav says Emily, don’t lift the veil. He explains about Mu dikhai ritual. She says but everyone has seen me.

She says it’s a ritual. He goes and shuts the door. He says its imp that the bride gets shy and dons the ghunghat, the groom lifts the ghunghat, this didn’t happen, so I was thinking to complete this rasam. Pinky asks when will the ghunghat get lifted. Gunjan says wait for some time.

Pinky says you always save Emily. Gunjan says I have to show Anandi that I m her best bahu, but I will put her in trouble. Pinky jokes on her and calls her a clever spider. Anandi calls Gunjan. Gunjan dips her hand in flour and goes. Emily sits and asks shall I get shy now. Aarav says yes. She asks what’s next. He smiles. He plays a song and goes to lift her ghunghat. Someone knocks the door. He worries that it maybe Jaibala.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan says we have to make Emily’s ghunghat fly off. Jaibala is shocked to see Emily. She asks Anandi is a foreigner your bahu.


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