Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav asking how is the taste. Emily says its okay.

Gunjan says he knows she is an alcoholic, even then he isn’t saying anything. Emily asks Aarav to have it, everyone should have the medicine together. Aarav also drinks. Gunjan says Anandi says that Aarav is the star of her eyes, he is a broken star, he is also drinking. Pinky says don’t tell anything to Aarav.

Gunjan asks her to click a pic. Aarav says its strong, it will work, don’t worry, Jaman will get another bottle. Emily says I hope he comes soon, I won’t get sleep without this. Gunjan says she is a total drunkard.

Aarav gets Jaman’s call. Aarav and Emily go out. Jaman gives them the kada bottle. Gunjan says she is secretly getting the alcohol bottle home, I will make a big issue of this. Emily says I m feeling sleepy, Aarav. He says we will go and sleep. Jaman says I will also go now.

Aarav asks Emily to go to her room and drink. She says okay, I will have it at night. She goes. Gunjan says it means, the wine bottle will be in her room, I will show the pic to Anandi. Pinky says go, I will get ready and wear a beautiful saree, Anandi should know that a new bahu is ready. Gunjan asks her to go. She goes and wakes up Anandi. Anandi asks what happened.

Gunjan says it’s a disaster, you don’t dream, its time to make Emily out of the house, its our Diwali today. Anandi asks what happened. Gunjan says Emily is an alcoholic. Anandi asks what. Gunjan says yes, we should be happy, and also angry, she drinks here, she feeds Aarav also. Anandi asks what, are you saying the truth.

Gunjan says I have the proof also. She shows the video. She says she was drinking much. Anandi says she spoilt my son, come with me. Emily says I forgot the glass in kitchen. She goes. Anandi and Gunjan come to her room. They see the bottle. Gunjan says she is drinking opening, she might have gone to get Chakna.

Anandi asks how do you know, do you also drink. Gunjan says no, how can you say it. Anandi says I was just asking. Gunjan says I saw in films. Anandi asks her to take the bottle. Gunjan says I won’t touch it. Anandi says wow, what values you have, take a cloth and pick it. Gunjan gets a cloth and takes the bottle.

Pinky dances and drops the water bucket. She says I have to clean this now. Emily slips and falls down. Anandi and Gunjan see her. Gunjan says she is drunk, so she fell down, look at her, I will go and help her. Anandi says no, she fell in my sight now. Emily goes. Anandi asks Gunjan to go and call Aarav. Gunjan says okay, hold this bottle, else Aarav will misunderstand me. Anandi takes the bottle. Gunjan goes.

Jaman talks to his hotel waiter. He checks the wine bottle and says this is kada. Waiter says it means you gave the wine bottle to Aarav, and this kada came here. Jaman worries. Pinku gets ready and comes to Anandi.

She asks how do I look. Anandi says I will tell later, where are you going at this time. Aarav and Gunjan come downstairs. Aarav says you called me. Anandi asks can you talk. He asks why, what happened to me. She asks what’s this. He sees the bottle and asks how did you get this. He thinks if I tell mummy,

Emily will get upset. She asks him to say what is it. He says I promised Emily that I won’t tell her secret. She says I know everything, just tell me. He says Indian men are always troubled by mum and wife. She says fine.

He says Emily is unwell, she has cough, she thinks you will stop her from doing work, Gunjan will need to do all the work alone, so I went to get kada for her. Gunjan asks why were you drinking it in the kitchen. He says kada needs to be heated first. Anandi asks why were you drinking with her.

He says everyone drinks it. Gunjan says he is making excuses. Anandi says I have cough, shall I drink it. He says why not, drink it, trust me, its kada. Gunjan says I can’t open the bottle. Anandi asks how do you know about it. Pinky asks shall I say. Gunjan says watching films. Aarav gets Jaman’s call. He answers. Jaman says I gave you the bottle, did you drink. Aarav says no. Jaman says I gave you the real wine bottle. Aarav is shocked.

Jaman says don’t get angry. Aarav goes and asks for the wine bottle. Anandi asks why. He says we have to heat the kada before drinking it. Emily comes and asks whose coin is it. He says its mine. He takes it. Anandi says she is in senses. Gunjan says yes, I know that person sees dual when drink, I saw it in films.

Anandi says Emily is coughing, maybe Aarav is saying the truth. Gunjan says no. Aarav asks Emily why did you come downstairs. She says I don’t want to hide anything from Anandi, I m drinking kada. Anandi says we saw you walking by losing balance. Pinky says its my mistake, I spilled the soap water,

so Emily slipped. Emily asks how did my kada bottle come here. Gunjan says I went to my room to find Pinky, I saw this bottle there, so I got this bottle to ask Aarav. Aarav takes the bottle from Gunjan. He gets relieved. Aarav asks Emily to go to her room and have a better kada. They go. Anandi looks at Gunjan angrily.

Gunjan asks are you angry on me. Anandi says no, you stay alert and keep an eye on Emily, everyone shouldn’t know that they were doubting on Emily. Pinky talks silly. Gunjan says don’t trust Emily, foreigners drink wine, trust me, I will show you a proof.

She asks Pinky to go and get the album. Pinky goes. Aarav goes to Jaman and holds his neck. Jaman says leave me. Aarav says mum was going to drink this wine thinking its kada. Jaman apologizes. He gives the kada bottle. He says your Kalindi Mausi is going to come to Gondal and stay in my hotel. Aarav worries.


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